Solo Travel – Your Travel Type as the Journey Goes On

As you get older, you start to play it safe. But you shouldn’t. You should be embracing these older years as your best years. This is no time to just spend your afternoons in the garden, watering the flowers. It’s the time to get out there and do some travelling, regardless of whether you’re on your own or not. But what type of solo traveller are you? Here are a few possible types.

The new-to-solo-travel

If you’ve never travelled by yourself before, then you’re going to be open to everything that travel entails. Your boundless enthusiasm for pursuing new activities, seeing places you’ve never been before and curious new foods will endear you to others. You’ll make friends and you’ll open yourself up to a whole world of experience. The destination for someone in this adventurous frame of mind is Sri Lanka: it’s far away and it’s something completely different. There’s no time like the present!

The enlightened traveller

This is something you can transform into as you get more and more travel experiences under your belt. You’ll be able to pick up tips and pass them on to others without being pretentious, as you’ll know when to extend the benefits of your wisdom to fellow travellers and when to simply keep schtum. You’ll have seen places and have stories you can exchange with others, adding to your own wisdom. Again, you’ll be a delight to be around! The destination for you: Thailand. With all its temples and inspiring scenery, you’re sure to experience some form of enlightenment.

The escapist

People head out around the world for all kinds of reasons, but there’s one reason that stands out: escapism. Some people seek to put as much as distance as possible between themselves and whatever it is they’re trying to escape from, whether it’s boredom, heartbreak, guilt, worry or some other negative feeling.

Travel may help relieve the intensity of some of these feelings, but, ultimately, you must confront them head on sooner or later. In the meantime, a tour of a Mediterranean country such as Spain or Portugal can take your mind of these things, especially when you discover some of the testaments to previous eras in the form of architectural feats such as the Alhambra in Granada.


Image by Sharon Mollerus, used under Creative Commons licence 2.0

The outdoors lover

As you get older, you’ll appreciate the great outdoors much more, and you’ll want to be out in the open spaces as much as possible. That’s what makes river cruises such a fantastic option, as you can sail down the majestic rivers of the world and just take in the scenery. Holland and the pleasant waterways of Amsterdam will appeal to you, as will Germany with the Rhine and stops in cities like Cologne. Oh, and of course, you can have a cabin all to yourself! That’s always a bonus!

And don’t forget how free you are as a solo traveller. Along the way, people might ask you awkward questions like ‘Why are you alone?’ or ‘Don’t you get lonely?’, but don’t worry about that. Just reply: ‘This is my time’ because, well, it is!

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