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South Korea’s Sports Broadcast in Online Platforms

South Korea’s Sports Broadcast in Online Platforms

Sports is one of the many things that South Korea excels in.

February 17th, 2019

Sports is one of the many things that South Korea excels in. South Korean citizens love sports so much that their country has been the perfect example of having sports nationalism. Sports nationalism is a complex social phenomenon where citizens are brought in harmony and have developed collective solidarity towards the country due to sports. Some of the most popular and loved sports in Korea include football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and archery. These are also the sports wherein South Koreans are known to perform well.

Thanks to media and sports broadcasting, people had access through their televisions and radios to follow their favourite sports and teams through the years. They have become one of the foundations of sports nationalism in the country. It has become part of their culture. Watching through televisions in homes or tea rooms is a communal experience in South Korea. When people travel to the country, the conversation on sports will often, if not always, come up. With the advancement of technology, sports broadcasting has also innovated, grown, and reached online platforms.

Over-the-Top Media

Over-the-top pertains to any streaming service that people can access through the Internet. Without installing cables or purchasing satellite TVs, you get to watch sporting events with just your mobile device and Internet connection. The progress that the media has had over the years can also be linked to smartphones’ innovation. From communication to entertainment, smartphones have been the most useful and now the most necessary all-in-one device.

South Korean Sports Broadcasting in Over-the-Top Media

Through the years, South Koreans have followed and devotedly watched games, sporting events, and their favourite teams and players through sports broadcasting channels and giants such as Mt-Police, KBC, MBC, and more. Now online platforms such as OTTs, viewership from traditional media has declined.

Some of the reasons why people have opted to watch streams on OTT Platforms are:

  • There are no ads.
  • You don’t have to depend on cables; just your mobile device and internet connection.
  • Data transparency in OTT platforms is better.
  • The audience is more engaged.
  • OTT content can be enjoyed wherever and whenever.

With the steady decline of viewership in channels such as MBC, KBS, SBS, and more, some are gradually entering into a merger or partnership with OTT Platforms. This can be considered a strategic move as these broadcasting giants have already been incurring losses to OTT platforms. Not only do OTTs stream sports, but they have also gotten into news, Kdramas, and movies. This is why broadcasting channels are on a lookout for OTTs with some, as mentioned, merging with them.

There are various online platforms other than OTTs. Some websites also live stream sporting events. However, online websites and OTTs are not highly regulated by the government. These platforms can be avenues of illegal gamblings. Although South Korea has an established Sports Toto where people can bet, there are illicit and fraudulent websites run by mafias. To help you avoid these risky and dangerous platforms, websites and services like 사설토토 슈어맨 can help you identify and verify which are safe Sports Toto playgrounds. They also provide you with the latest sports information and have sports analysis experts to guide you through betting and winning.



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