Spending Quality Time on The Gold Coast

Sun-blazed beaches, breathtaking skylines, and a myriad of natural wonders, are just some of the reasons for visiting the Gold Coast, one of the most popular vacation destinations throughout the last decade. However, trying to see and experience as much as possible in only a week or so of time, can be tricky. You are torn between incredible beaches, theme national parks and trendy shops, luxurious hotels and sparkling nightlife. This is why we prepared a list below to help you plan your days at the Gold Coast and use up the time you have here in the best way possible.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is the most famous city in the area, and the first stop for most Gold Coast visitors. This coastal suburb is literally a paradise for surfers and sun and party lovers. Besides having an amazing beach, Surfers Paradise also offers plenty of entertainment from dawn till dusk. From dining establishments and shops, to late and wild beach parties. Moreover, one of the best surf schools in Australia is located here, so whether you’re an absolute beginner or looking to brush up your skills, this is a great place to practice your moves and hit the waves. Additionally, there’s a hidden gem only a short drive from Surfers Paradise, deep-in-the-jungle hiking trail, the Lost World Valley, with private swimming holes and waterfalls. Make sure to spend some time exploring this off-grid, rainforest track.



Obviously, the most common reason why people decide to come to the coast of Australia is because of its world-class pristine beaches. If you’re looking to spend some time in self-indulgence, with little less hiking, cruising and sightseeing, the Gold Coast is your cup of tea. From suburb feel and family beaches for safe swimming with the kids, such as Broadbeach, through bohemian and hippy vibe at Burleigh Heads, to true locals’ favorite, Nobby beach, the Gold Coast is home to many stunners. Choose based on the kind of experience you’re looking for, but either way you’ll be enjoying a scenic environment, amazing waves and golden sand. 

Drive through the Gold Coast

The best way to get the gist of the whole area and see as many places as possible in a short time period is to drive through the whole Gold Coast. Use the services of car hire at Gold Coast airport and start your trip as soon as you land. Especially if you’re on a group journey, with some quality music and car ride games, this can turn out to be a memorable road trip. You’ll enjoy stunning views and breathtaking sceneries. 


Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a world-famous waterfall and perhaps the most beautiful one in South East Queensland. It is located in Springbrook National Park, and it’s absolutely beautiful – worth the drive to go see it. It is actually very easy to get there, takes 15 minutes of hiking and all you need to do is follow the road from the Settlement Camping area to Twill Falls Circuit. Since one of its first neighbors is another natural wonder, Jim Jim Falls, these visits are usually combined. 

Whale watching

And of course, you just have to get a glimpse of the wild sea world of the Australian coast. in the period between June and October, humpback whales make their migratory journey from the Antarctic to warmer waters where they mate and give birth. If you happen to be visiting the Gold Coast within this time frame, make sure to book a cruise. You’ll also have a chance to see bottlenose dolphins, orcas and huge loggerhead turtles, which are nowhere else to be found in the world. These tours cost less than 70 dollars, and are worth every penny.

The Gold Coast has so much to offer, and this is why it’s good to plan well and ahead so you don’t end up wasting precious time in the land (and water) of sun, surf and sand. With our suggestions from above, you’ll be more than ready to draft a perfect itinerary for your once-in-a-lifetime trip around the magical Gold Coast.

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