Rain lowers people’s motivation for donning stylish outfits, but you can keep your spirits high with chic rainy day essentials. During the rainy season, most people end up feeling gloomy. They wish they can wear fancy shorts, summer dresses, and abs-showing shirts, but they have a rainy day to face. Luckily, fashion never takes a rain check, nor should your sense of style. From donning a fancy womens raincoat to waterproof boots, there are numerous attires designed to keep you dry and fashionable. Some of the essential ones are explained below.

Stylish Raincoat

Umbrellas are the easiest items to carry. However, they sometimes turn inside out and leave you high and dry; or for this case, high and wet. People also tend to forget them and realize it when it’s too late. Don’t get this statement wrong as umbrellas are essential, but raincoats are made to withstand heavy rain and wind. They will also keep you warm throughout the day. Raincoats also offer an easy way of staying stylish, even when walking in the rain. Whether you like black and grey coloured clothes, a well-made womens raincoat will keep your clothes dry and still give you a stylish look.

Ideally, instead of going for the usual dark coats, you may wear bright and bold colours and brighten your style and mood. You can even go for a fully transparent raincoat to keep your style visible while still staying dry.

Rainy Day Hat

Combining your stylish women’s raincoat with a nice hat can transform your appearance from usual to chic. Besides, a hat will keep your head dry when you’re donning a coat that doesn’t have a hood, particularly when it’s drizzling. Hats come in numerous styles ranging from berets to beanies that you can easily couple with different styled raincoats. When it’s raining harder, you can use an umbrella and still wear your hat to prevent your hair from flying into your face.

Waterproof Footwear

Water and mud puddles are the order of the day during a rainy season. You cannot put on those pink sneakers or sandals, no matter how comfortable they may feel. Instead, look for stylish waterproof shoes to protect your feet and socks from getting soaked and still complement your attire. Waterproof footwear ranges from thigh-high boots to ankle-high shoes, so you should not have any problems finding an ideal pair.


While the poncho market is widely dominated by military and jungle hikers, there are stylish types meant for normal activities. These types are made with comfortable fabric in the inside and waterproof exterior that will protect your clothes from the rain just like normal ponchos. They are ideal when the rain is not too heavy and come with hoods that will also protect your hair. Ponchos are also available in many colours, which allow them to match with multiple attires.

Puffer Jackets for Rain

When snow turns into rain, and your clothes won’t do, don on a puffer jacket and go about your day. While most of them are designed to keep you warm, some come with a waterproof exterior. These jackets are available in many designs and colours to ensure that you find one that matches your style. Puffer jackets are also windproof and ideal for when it’s cold and rainy.

Rain or not, fashion-savvy people have to look their best. They rely on attires that bring a stylish twist into functionality by keeping them dry while maintaining their sense of fashion. These essentials are available from head to toe and come in numerous designs like those mentioned above.


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