Our vacation time is supposed to be fun and relaxing but an injury can quickly change all of that. It is of course for this reason why we should all ensure that we have medical insurance, in the event that something goes wrong. Injuries can often happen on vacation more than at home because we are likely to get involved in some sports or extreme activities which perhaps, we usually would do. When an injury occurs it can be tough to know what to do, and here are the steps which you should take.

Assess The Damage

We should all have a basic understanding of first aid and that is why the likes of Australia Wide First Aid offer great courses to show people. Those who do know a little about first aid can be the ones to assess the damage of the injury, and understand whether or not it requires some on the spot first aid or if it needs medical attention.

Getting a Check Up

If it is a very serious injury then the obvious reaction is to go straight to the hospital and get it looked at. If however you are unsure then going to a local doctor is well worth doing, for peace of mind more than anything. Very often things can get infected or there can be problems later on, which is why getting a check up is worth doing.

Check Out Travel Insurance

It isn’t pleasant to think of money at a time like this but you have to know what you are walking into. This is why it makes sense to have someone check out your travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for the situation. Naturally if you need hospital treatment then you’ll pay whatever it takes, but you have to make sure that you have your eyes wide open here.

Collecting Information

In light of a potential travel insurance claim, it is worth getting a member of your party to collect some information and write down exactly what happened. Try to document the accident, where it took place, who was there, what happened and exactly what the injury is. All of this is going to help you to present a fuller picture to your traveling insurance company.

Contact The Insurance

You should always look to contact your travel insurance company as soon as something has happened to you or a member of your party. The sooner that you speak with them the better you will have an idea as to what steps to take. It could be that they recommend a certain action to you, such as going to a particular hospital or doctor.

If there is someone to blame for what happened then the only thing you should be doing at this point is collating information and speaking to any witnesses if possible. Any claims or accusations of guilt will come after you have had the injury assessed and treated.


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