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8 Ways of Preserving Wine So It Lasts For Years

8 Ways of Preserving Wine So It Lasts For Years

Is there anyone who would want to waste wine?

September 30th, 2020

Is there anyone who would want to waste wine? You have a rare vintage wine in your store for some special occasion, but you are worried that if the wine rots before that special occasion, everything will go down the drain.

So how would you preserve your magnificent rare vintage wine? Well, it all comes down to the point of what sort of wine do you have. Is it still wine? Sparkling wine?

Does not matter, because this guide will show you how to preserve all types of wine in the simplest of ways, so you can enjoy the perfect taste at the perfect time.

1. Store It Horizontally

Now, when you visit a vintage wine bar, it is very likely that you will see all the wine bottles are placed horizontally, not vertically. Ever wondered why? Well, the reason is genius.

Most exquisite wine bottles are capped with a cork. This way, the cork keeps in contact with the wine, thus keeping it moist.

If the cork is moist, it does not allow air and oxygen to get into the bottle, which can severely damage the taste of your wine. So always keep your expensive wines by storing them horizontally.

2. Store In A Moist Environment

The reason behind keeping your wine bottles in a moist environment is the same as above, to keep the cork from letting any oxygen in.

Natural corks used in high-end wines tend to dry up, which creates small holes in them and let oxygen into the bottle, thus causing your wine to evaporate. You do not want your rare wine to dry up, right?

So, keep it in a humid or moist environment, in a place that usually has about 60-80% humidity as it is the best way of, not letting your corks dry up. As for storing red wine the right amount of humidity would be 70%

3. Keep The Wine In Fridges or Cool places

Wine is a mixture of organic compounds such as amino acids, carbohydrates, and some other chemical compounds.

Since they have organic compounds in them if they are exposed to heat, wines can get ruined even if they are exposed to it for a minute. Under extreme heat, wine ages fast, if you wanted it to preserve for longer years refrain from storing it in a heated area.

But if stored at a very cool temperature, it will stop aging completely. So, keeping a perfect temperature is a must for preserving wine. Normally a temperature between 11 °C and 14 °C is perfect for wine preservation.

Adjust the temperature of your fridge within these limits and your wine will stay fine.

4. Stability

Now that you know how much temperature or humidity you need; you must also keep in mind that the humidity and the temperature must not fluctuate too much as it might result in an undesirable condition.

It is preferable to keep your wine in a place where the humidity level is 60-80%, higher humidity will not be a problem as it will keep the cork moist.

But humidity below 50% is not enough to keep your cork dry. As for temperature, fluctuation of 2-3 degrees is acceptable on an average over a year.

But if it occurs daily, your wine will get damaged. Maintaining stability, especially temperature stability, is the holy grail of preservation.

5. Vacuum The Bottle

We have mentioned before that oxygen causes the wine to evaporate quickly, and we also discussed ways to prevent that from happening.

But there is another way. Your wine will not evaporate if there is no air inside the bottle in the first place! By using a vacuum pump you can remove all the air from inside the bottle.

You can preserve your wine for a whole week, even after opening it by this method.

6. Calm and Dark

Wine is like your average introvert person, who likes calmness and does not prefer too much light.

If the wine is in a place that vibrates or shakes often, the complex compounds inside cause the aging reaction to speed up, thus damaging your wine. Light, especially the UV rays also have the same effect, causing your wine to age prematurely.

Incandescent lights are a bit safer when compared to fluorescent lights as they emit fewer UV rays.

7. How to Preserve Sparkling Wines

All the methods we discussed will keep wine, red wine, white wine safe. What about sparkling wines?

Now, preserving sparkling wines is a bit tricky. If not preserved carefully, they lose their fizzy nature.

The best method for preserving sparkling wine, most importantly its fizzy nature, you need a tool called “Sparkling Wine Stopper”.

These things can prevent the bubbles inside your sparkling wine from evaporating for up to five days, and the best part? They are inexpensive.

8. Preservation Tools & Kits

Now, all the aforementioned methods are traditionally inexpensive. But if you are willing to pay and feel like bottles are a bit too much to maintain, you can use various preservation tools and kits.

What is the benefit, you ask? Simple, it preserves your wine for even a longer period. You are paying for it, after all, so you can expect a better result. We have mentioned two preservation tools before, the “Vacuum Pump” and the “Sparkling Wine Stopper”.

But there are other preservation tools as well, such as the “Private Preserve Wine Preservation System” which does the opposite of a Vacuum pump.

Inserts inert and heavy gasses into the bottle which acts as a barrier, preventing normal air to come in contact with the Wine.


Wines are a delicacy and must be preserved carefully for it to age properly, giving you that exquisite taste. There are dozens of methods out there that can help you preserve your fresh wine for weeks even after you have opened it. You can use traditional methods, or you can use preserving tools. But if you are confused about how you want to preserve your wine out of fear that it might get damaged, simply, call some of your buddies and finish it up. You can enjoy both the moment and the wine.

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