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Success Worldwide : The One with the Hard Science and Classic Art Approach with Osmari

The birth of Osmari in 2018 came from founder Arian Osman’s hard science and classic art approach to fashion that accentuates the athletic male physique with high-math modeling. Arian

The birth of Osmari in 2018 came from founder Arian Osman’s hard science and classic art approach to fashion that accentuates the athletic male physique with high-math modeling.

Arian was in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to the DC Metro area when he was a wee baby. Always something of a restless and eclectic polymath (he grew up pursuing advanced mathematics while becoming an accomplished violinist in his youth)—half-artist and half-mathbrained—he couldn’t help but correlate the mathematics behind signal processing to his musical studies, and later, he couldn’t help but apply advanced data modeling techniques to clothing design. While pursuing a PhD, his work led him to the development of mathematical formulas that found application for the male form. Where sometimes a thing is more art than science, for Osmari, the art is science.

Intrigued, we spent some time with him to find out more…

Tell us the journey that lead you to launching your brand, Osmari…

Well the idea came to me when I ordered a shit pair of shorts from a brand whose name I will not mention and said to myself “I can make something better than these”. From there, I did initial research with respect to manufacturers and pattern makers based in the USA that can turn my ideas into reality. I decided to base production in the USA for quality control reasons (I wouldn’t have to fly outside the country to keep an eye on manufacturing). Also, I always wanted to incorporate my knowledge in Data Science and Computational Mathematics into an art. You’ll notice that the name Osmari is derived from my name Arian Osman, but also, the domain name was available.

You have a really unique approach to fashion, can you tell us more about that?

My background is in Computational Mathematics and I’m currently finishing up my Ph.D. dissertation in that field. When dealing with data science, you have the opportunity to create interesting visualisations using a variety of techniques. My forte happens to be extracting features in images, and my Ph.D. dissertation deals with my own custom mathematical implementation to extract features in fingerprints. I decided to apply this knowledge into extracting lines and features in images of the male body using my own techniques (which will be published in my dissertation). So, the shapes and textures of pieces derive from that. With respect to colours and fabrics, I think those methods are standard in the fashion world, but every line has their own way. I like using unusual colours that you don’t see often. And if I deal with basic or neutral colours, I must add a twist to those items. You’ll see that in version 2 of the shorties I’ll be releasing this year. I like to create stuff that are functional, but also pleasing to the eye of the onlooker.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your designs?

While I was testing my products initially, and since this is a men’s line, I always asked “Are your balls thankful?”. I want people to feel they are wearing functional (products used for multiple purposes) with that added luxurious touch. For example, as crass as this may sound, my swim briefs should feel like their balls are getting licked. To put it in simple terms, they should feel comfortable, confident, and just feel good overall.

How often do you launch new products and what’s the process behind that?

Well I have no investors; therefore, I don’t have unlimited amounts of cash available. It is certainly dependent on my finances, but also, a lot of thought goes into my creations. I try to think what others have done (or haven’t done) and based on that research, how can I improve on those items. I think about colours, how to use them and how not to make things boring. Everyone loves positive feedback, but I do appreciate criticism as well when it comes to products and I use all the input to construct even better versions the next time.

Talk us through an average day in your life…

Well I do work full-time as a data scientist (theorist and implementation specialist). So, I have that standard full-time job where I wake up, work, then finish the workday. For some reason, I can’t eat while I work because food is a distraction to me (it’s just so good) and my first meal is after my workday is complete.

Since launching the brand, is there anything you would do differently?

Absolutely not. The fact I’m gaining some traction for the brand, as well as me being new in the fashion world, I think I’m doing pretty well. I came into this industry not knowing anything, and I personally learn things by doing them. In my career, I’ve been known to take risks even when results can go either way (positive or negative), and my moves are based on said results.

To date, what has been your proudest moment?

When I passed my Ph.D. candidacy examinations and presented my dissertation proposal. My proudest moment will be when I obtain my Ph.D. and my Mom can finally see me in a cap and gown (I never went to any of my previous graduation because I knew I was going to continue school until I obtained a Ph.D. in my field).

What has 2020 taught you that no other year has?

It has been very hard to have a work-life balance even when you work from home (because of COVID). The days just become blurred together and sometimes you don’t know when to stop. During 2020, things got postponed and a lot has happened, but, you sometimes have to be flexible and adapt to the situation. No new products came this year because of COVID but it was time to make some great content for the brand. I mean, that’s how I came across you guys, right? J

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

That is an extremely difficult question; however, I can describe my ideal setting. I would like to be somewhere warm or hot, where I’d have access to a pool or the beach. I live outside Washington DC, so this is seasonal for me. I’d like to have some great friends and family accessible where we can get together, sit outside, have a few drinks, frolic and have fun through a variety of activities or just have enlightening conversations. When it comes to this, my motto is “the destination really doesn’t matter, as long as you learn something new and are around great company”. We all have our preferences for certain destinations, but I look for experiences.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Ever since I was a kid and my seeing how my Mom worked, she always said that people can take away your job, money, home, etc, but they can’t take away your education/experience or your name. This is why I focus on my education and career, but am also a risk-taker and try new things. I’m not afraid to dive into situations (when they aren’t classified as “butting in”) and have new experiences. I’m known for my integrity and transparency, and that is also reflected in my brand.

Where can we find out more…

You can always visit the Osmari website at osmari.com, and in the footer, you will have the links to our various social media accounts. I, personally, am quite responsive when it comes to messages about general inquiries and am always available to answer questions.