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Summer Food and Drink Round-Up

Summer Food and Drink Round-Up

This summer food and drink round-up includes savoury and sweet treats, plus alcohol and soft drinks. There's something for everyone.

August 11th, 2022

Why do we all love summer so much? We think that spending time with friends and family at BBQ’s, in the beer garden, and enjoying a lazy afternoon drinking and dining outdoors is what makes summer so special.

Get your sun cream, deck chair, and glass of something fabulous ready, because we’re about to take you on gourmet journey. A journey of food and drink to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

FOOD – Savoury Treats

Yorkshire Handmade Pies

Yorkshire Handmade Pies are seriously good. The company based in Ripon, North Yorkshire is celebrating being named amongst the top food producers globally. Their Steak and Kidney Pie has picked up a 3-Star Great Taste Award, the Steak and Black Pudding Pie, and Yorkshire Samosa Pie both won 2-Star awards, and the Mushroom and Ale Pie plus Steak and Ale Pie both achieved 1-Star awards. Have you tried them yet? Additionally, Yorkshire Handmade Pies are served in boxes of six, ready to cook and serve at home. Priced at £24.50 for a Taster Box of six different pies.

Paxton & Whitfield, Cullum Cheese

2022 marks Paxton & Whitfield’s 225th birthday and to celebrate, the UK’s oldest cheesemonger has launched ‘Cullum’, an exclusive, brand new British hard ewes’ milk cheese. Uniquely developed together with one of Paxton & Whitfield’s long-standing partners, the award-winning cheesemaker Martin Gott of St James Cheese, Cumbria. To sum up, it’s texture is supple and moreish and is delicious with a drizzle of honey! Priced at £11.25 per 250g, and available from Paxton & Whitfield.

Dr Oetker, Pizza Ristorante

Amazingly, there are 10 different varieties within the Pizza Ristorante collection, and they cater for those with gluten or lactose intolerances too. Pizzas include Mozzarella, Pepperoni-Salame, Quattro Formaggi, Pollo, Funghi, Hawaii, Speciale, Margherita Pomodori, Salame (GF and Lactose Free), Mozzarella (GF and Lactose Free). Available from all major supermarkets, priced from £2.50 each, and £3.50 each (for GF and Lactose Free).

West Cornwall Pasty Company, Summer Collection

Time is running out to try a limited edition pasty from West Cornwall Pasty Company in partnership with James Strawbridge. In essence, the savoury treats include the Coronation Chicken Pasty (£4.80), which is full of spices, exotic fruit and succulent chicken. Then there’s the Pork & Scrumpy Sausage Roll (£2.80), which is Cornish scrumpy infused sausage, and caramelised apple wrapped in shortcrust pastry. Moreover, there is a wonderful sweet treat too, the Cornish Cream Tea Pasty (£3.90), filled with crushed scones, summer berries, strawberry jam, and clotted cream on top! Available from Moto service stations and Rontec Roadside retail outlets until 19th September.

Keep on reading for more exciting launches in our Summer Food and Drink Round-Up!

FOOD – Sweet Treats

Blondies Kitchen, Giant Cookies

If deliciously indulgent cookies are your go to, then look no further than Blondies Kitchen. They offer a bespoke personalised collection of giant cookies that can say anything you want. In a word, there’s a HUGE range of flavours to choose from including Kinder Bar, Caramel Biscoff, Nutella and many more. Priced at £32, available from Blondies Kitchen.

Lakrids by Bülow, Slow Crafted Liquorice

Firstly, It’s been 15 years in the making, and Lakrids by Bülow has unveiled its super premium organic range, Slow Crafted. Secondly, continuing to push the boundaries of gourmet chocolate coated liquorice creations, the deliciously Slow Crafted range is slow-cooked to create a rich caramel-like texture. Thirdly, they are available in three delicious flavours; Mango Vanilla, Caramel Date, and Dark Truffle. The luxury range comes in recycled glass packaging designed for reuse. Priced at £24 (265g jars), and available from Lakrids by Bülow.

If you like what you’ve just read, then check out below for drinks in our Summer Food and Drink Round-Up.

DRINKS – Alcohol

Maison Villevert, June by G’Vine Wild Peach Gin Liqueur

This Maison Villevert G’Vine gin is infused with juicy peaches and fresh vanilla, plus hints of juniper and coriander. Not to mention that the bottle makes wonderful addition to any cocktail cabinet and the June Wild Peach Frosé is a must try cocktail.

Method: In a blender filled with ice add 40ml June Wild Peach Liqueur, 60 ml Rosé wine, 120 ml Prosecco, ½ Peach and a squeeze of Pink Grapefruit. Blend and pour over a chilled Coupette glass. And relax! June By G’Vine Wild Peach Gin Liqueur is available from Booths, Fenwick, Amazon and The Whisky Exchange. The bottle is priced at £29.25 (70cl).

Sagamore Spirit, American Rye Whiskey

Sagamore Spirit is a signature 83-Proof rye whiskey from Baltimore, where the rye is traditionally sweeter than that of other parts of the United States. Meanwhile, Sagamore Spirit makes outstanding cocktails including the Sagamore Seltzer.

Method: Pour 60ml Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey into a Collins glass. Fill the glass with ice. Top the glass with 120ml seltzer water and garnish with a lemon twist. Enjoy! Sagamore Spirit available from Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange, and Native Spirits, priced at around £49 (70cl bottle).

Baileys, Tiramisu Cocktail

Tiramisu Cocktail limited edition launch from Baileys is simply divine! Made with traditional Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, fresh coffee, and chocolate this drink is smooth and indulgent. Equally, for an extra special dessert in a glass just add a shot of vodka to the pour, a dusting of cocoa powder, and a chocolate wafer on top. Available from Tesco, priced around £17 (70cl bottle).

Slingsby Gin, Rhubarb Gin

Each bottle of Slingsby Gin uses 24 botanicals to create the award-winning product. Rhubarb Gin is one of the core range from the collection, others include; London Dry Gin, Gooseberry Gin, Marmalade Gin, and Blackberry Gin. Every gin is produced with locally sourced botanicals, Harrogate aquifier pure single grain spirit, a handful of ingredients from around the world, and grapefruit as the leading and only citrus fruit base. Available from all major supermarkets, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Spirit of Harrogate. Prices vary.

G’Vine Floraison Gin

The smoothest French gin made from grapes not grain. This gin goes perfectly with sushi, strong cheese, and spiced savoury pasties, and it makes an exciting array of cocktails too. Try the G’Vine Basil Smash for a summer drink in the garden.

Method: Muddle 10 basil leaves with 2 parts G’Vine Floraison Gin, 1 part fresh lemon juice and 1 part sugar syrup. Pour over ice and sip in the summer breeze. G’Vine Floraison Gin is available from Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange, and Amazon. Priced at £34.75 (70cl).

Enjoying our Summer Food and Drink Round-Up? Read on for more drinks…


Cawston Press

Cawston Press is running a campaign called No Jiggery Pokery to shine a light on how it’s possible to create delicious, sparkling soft drinks from real, recognisable and simple ingredients. Furthermore, each can, bottle, and carton by Cawston Press is easy to read with no misleading language, they don’t have hidden sweeteners and don’t add sugar. Flavours include Sparkling Rhubarb, Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade, Sparkling Orange, Cloudy Apple, and Ginger Beer. Available from all major supermarkets and Cawston Press, prices vary.

London Essence, Crafted Sodas

The Crafted Soda collection from London Essence includes Roasted Pineapple Crafted Soda, and Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda. The ideal mixers to add to any rum cocktail! Roasted Pineapple Crafted Soda is instantly uplifting, and can be paired with golden rum for a rum punch. For something zesty and light, London Essence’s Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda is thirst quenching. Moreover, it will elevate any rum, for a truly elegant twist on classic cocktails such as the Mojito. Priced at £22 (case of 24 x 200ml bottles), from London Essence.

Make your own Pink Grapefruit Mojito. You will need 35ml premium white rum, 20ml lime juice, 15ml sugar syrup, 12 fresh mint leaves, London Essence Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda. Method: combine white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves in a chilled highball glass and muddle together. Add crushed ice to the top of the glass. Top with London Essence Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda and stir lightly to infuse the flavours. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Have a wonderful food and drink filled summer from all at House of Coco Magazine, we hope you’ve got some ideas from our Summer Food and Drink Round-Up. Here’s some ideas to check out where to have cocktails in the city with House of Coco.

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