Summer is almost at the doorstep and it’s the time for sizzling barbeque parties, lazy days at the beach, ice-cold drinks and tons of outdoor activities. Summer is also the best time for holidays around Europe. The sunny days and the beautiful weather – it’s the time we look forward to all year long.

One way to explore the azure waters and the coastlines of some of the best places in Europe is by boat. Sailing is a great way to enjoy the natural and cultural richness of Europe through a new perspective.

Before you decide to take the boat out in the open waters, try to map out a route by researching different marinas and create your own unique route. You can also research popular boat trips and follow the plan to make the most out of your trip. And, if you are serious about sailing and are considering buying a new or used boat, check outBoats for sale.

From glamorous to exotic, Europe has some of the best sailing destinations in the world and, with the right guide, you can explore the best of the best. Listed below are some of the top jewels of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cannes Or The South Of France

The first on the list is the ever-so-glamorous and the oh-so-chic – the French Riviera. Warm, sunny, and radiant, the South of France has its own aura and vibe unlike anywhere else in the world.

Lined with charming pretty coastal towns, the French Riviera has some of the best sailing experiences Europe has to offer. Called the millionaire’s playground, you can taste the movie star lifestyle or under-the-radar sailing itineraries depending on what you crave.

Each town has something fascinating to offer – culture, art, history and a lot more. One of the most beautiful coastal lines to sail around is from Saint Tropez to Monaco, or simply known asCote d’Azur.

What can you not do around Cote d’Azur? Home of almost half of all yachts in the world, you can get a first-class seat to the swanky lifestyle in Saint Tropez, indulge in perfect Provencal cuisine in Cannes, and roam around in museums adorning Picasso and Matisse.

The views are nothing short of spectacular. Breathtaking hilltop towns and pristine sandy beaches, your eyes won’t get tired any time soon. if you are feeling more adventurous, you can venture into the Isles d’Hyeres or Isles de Lerins for a fun, relaxing break.

The South of France has it all – gorgeous postcard views with clear water, this fabulous sailing destination can also be your perfect getaway for shopping and dining.


One of its coasts known as the ‘the next Riviera’,Croatia has some of the most spectacular coasts of Europe. Enchanting islands, rugged mountains, and magnificent cities – Croatia captures the best of Europe. Rich in culture and history, there’s no better way to explore this country’s spectacular islands than a luxury boat or a yacht.

To give you a scale of how much you can explore around Croatia, the country has almost one thousand islands scattered along its coastline. The Dalmatian island is famous for its sparking bays, far-flung fishing villages, and translucent sea. You can feel the true spirit of the Mediterranean here in its full glory.

Every island has its own character and is waiting to be explored. Not just the islands, the cities are gloriously preserved with ancient monuments and relics sprawled all over, and, not to mention the luscious green national parks that surrounds it all.

The most famous coast-side town in Croatia is Dubrovnik. Its ancient city walls and sleek marble streets still stand witness to a glorious past long gone. You can get a view of the city from the water and explore the islands of Mljet and Korcula, the port town of Trogir and tiny Bisevo and Vis Island.

The best time to sail along the coasts of Croatia is from April to November with July and August bolstering the smoothest water. Don’t venture out in the water in September and October unless you are a seasoned sailor.

Italian Riviera

If you think you are not familiar with the beauty of Italian Riviera, think again! You have surely seen the beautiful villages around Italian Riviera in postcards and heard of the UNESCO listed fishing village of Cinque Terre.

The sparkling turquoise sea and the crescent-shaped Coast of Liguria are unique to the Italian Riviera. The gorgeous landscape, culture, art, andmouth-watering Italian cuisine make this one of the best places to sail in the world.

Narrow medieval streets, brightly colored houses, and the seaside attractions makes the Italian Riviera a fascinating once-in-a-lifetime sailing adventure. You can start sailing from the famous San Remo and sail your way to Portofino. You will come across dazzling bays, cute old ports, and calm beaches.

Don’t forget to weigh down your anchor and explore the quaint, little villages. You will find small amazing alfresco cafes and restaurants alongside shopping boutiques surrounded by alluring art and architecture.

Turkish Riviera

The old meets the new in the Turkish Riviera, it has the most unique and captivating European coastlines. Turkey is a land immersed in rich culture and history. You will find stunning ancient ruins, pebble coves, and traditional fishing villages surrounded by blue waters.

Turkish cuisine is famous all over the world along with the warm inviting Turkish hospitality. You can enjoy the enthralling, sun-soaked shores and indulge in activities such as watersports.

The magic of Turkey remains in its blue water, the people and reliable wind that will take you anywhere your heart desires.

Greek Islands

We can’t end this article without mentioning the fabulous Greek Islands. Another jewel of the Mediterranean, its dazzling blue calm and warm water can alone make you at home with the famous Greek mythology. If there’s one place that has all the charm of the Aegean Sea, it’s Greece. And there’s no better way to discover this land but by the sea in your own boat or yacht.

So, what’s stopping you from taking your boat to the most amazing destinations? When the sea beckons and the wind summons, who are we to say no? Bon Voyage and Happy Sailing!


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