Sunset Yoga At Dubai’s Al Qasr Beach

Yoga at Jumeirah's Al Qasr Beach | © Eulanda Shead

We love an active holiday as much as a healthy and relaxing one here at House of Coco. Our travel writing duo, Eulanda and Omo jaunted off to Dubai to cover the Arabian Travel Market. To kick off their time in Dubai, they indulged in a group Yoga session at the famed Madinat Jumeirah. You can’t go wrong with the combination of yoga, beach, and iconic views- all set within a stunning property. House of Coco is saying yes to Yoga in Dubai any day!

“Yogi never gives up” I heard as my body pushed into the most awkward plow pose ever. Beads of sweat quickly mixed with the saltiness of the Gulf air and trickled down to burn my eyes. Yoga? Yes, but it had certainly been a while since my last class.

On the shores of Jumeirah’s Al Qasr beach in Dubai, UAE, those seeking ultimate luxury will find all manner of delights, including group yoga classes hosted by ultra-luxurious Talise Spa, located on the western side of the sprawling Madinat Jumeirah property. Talise Spa offers a wide variety of daily classes that can be taken in the spa studio, on the beach, or within the gym.

The wide mix of nationalities in our class mirrored Dubai’s large expat community; many of whom seemed to be returning students. This was clear from the brief conversations we overheard between several students and the instructor. The session was positioned at the end of the beach, west of the Burj Al Arab. This provided an iconic view of both the Burj, and the setting sun over the Gulf.

Although the class was advertised as a beginner class, the instructor gradually led the class into several poses that could prove challenging to a beginner. However, he encouraged everyone to work within their own abilities, whilst still pushing our bodies and minds beyond what we thought ourselves previously capable of. Even as a first time yoga initiate, my husband enjoyed the class, despite his self proclaimed lack of flexibility. Under the expert guidance of the yogi, he challenged his body into positions he’d only seen on social media photos.

Classes are complimentary for all guests staying on Jumeirah properties and facilities such as fresh towels and mats are provided. However, if you aren’t staying within the Jumeirah grounds, you can still book a sunrise or sunset yoga class for a nominal fee. Following the completion of the class, you are free to head to the souks or restaurants to experience the famed Jumeirah shopping or dining experience.

We quickly discovered that a Jumeirah Yoga session was the perfect way to relieve our travel fatigue after being stuck on a plane for eight hours. I for one, certainly found it to have a detoxifying effect, as the travel related swelling in my ankles subsided mid-way into the class.

Our class ended with a brief session of meditation as the sun lowered itself into the Gulf. The salty sweat had stopped teasing us, and in its place our bodies felt languid and relaxed. We spent a few moments on the beach, dipping our feet into the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and watching the sun tuck it’s way behind a few clouds. We boarded one of the many golf buggies patrolling the Jumeirah property and made our way back to Talise Spa to use the immaculate shower facilities. With the Madinat Jumeirah lit up in a million lights, we settled in for dinner at La Tortuga; one of many award winning restaurants on the Jumeirah grounds. It proved to be a refreshing end to a very long day.

Despite the lasting effects of the class, afterwards, we treated ourselves to a few Mojitos. We were sure our yogi wouldn’t mind. After all, what happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai, right?

Alternatively, before your yoga class, upon arrival at the Madinat Jumeirah, you can book a forty five minute Abra tour; a guided cruise on a traditional dhow boat which takes you around the property along its beautifully landscaped canals.

For yoga class bookings, please visit Talise Spa. All levels are welcome, and each class is AED 90 per person.

To book an Abra tour, please visit Jumeirah activities. An Abra tour is AED 85 per adult.

Photos © Eulanda Shead & Jumeirah Group

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