We are all over this fabulous selection of HAAN Hand Sanitisers, especially the little refill sanitiser pouches. HAAN Hydrating Hand Sanitiser is available in five fragrances including; Sunset Fleur, Citrus Noon, Dew of Dawn, Morning Glory, and Wood Night.

HAAN was conceived as a company with a deep sense of social commitment, focusing its activity on Water Crisis awareness and eradication. These refill pouches are the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and give back to the community (20% of profits go towards funding water projects in developing countries such as Africa).

You’ll be pleased to know too, that not only are they super chic and pleasantly fragrant, but they also keep your hands soft and moisturised. Meaning that you don’t have to settle for the generic, sticky hand sanitiser brands that are around at the moment.

Which Fragrance Are You?

Sunset Fleur: Feminine breeze with a floral bouquet base

Citrus Noon: Effervescent, shiny and fresh with a citrus orange base

Dew of Dawn: Hints of green freshness from green roots and fresh cut grass and a light touch of galbanum

Morning Glory: Delicate, subtle and floral notes, with fresh green tea notes and a grapefruit base

Wood Night: Dark cedar wood entangled with pine tree and a wet earthy base

HAAN Hydrating Hand Sanitiser is priced at around £18 for a 30ml pocket and a 100ml refill pouch. Alternatively you can purchase the refill alone for around £13 for 100ml. Available from haanready.com


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