Sustainable Shopping: Ethical and Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands

Sustainability is the new trend! Aside from small businesses, large jewelry brands are making the switch to eco-friendly and ethical jewelry production. Of course, this is good news for jewelry enthusiasts because this means that they can be fashionable without guilt. Finally, you can make yourself prettier while helping the Earth heal!

If you’re an eco-warrior at heart, then this post is perfect for you! Here are the top five ethical and eco-friendly jewelry brands to check out!

1.  Evermee

Evermee is a brand that promises a conscious and innovative movement that reduces toxic waste. Instead of adding more pollutants, the jewelry brand gives back to Earth by using 100% recycled silver in its chains.

Moreover, sustainable jewelry does not have to be outdated and flimsy.  Evermee offers lockets with interesting and techy features. They have digital lockets that you could hover over your phone to display an HD quality picture. Their products are also sturdy and can pass the test of time. Talk about innovation and sustainability!

If you want to stand out with eco-friendly and rare jewelry, you should definitely check this brand.  

2. Soko

Minimalism is a highly sustainable style. 

When it comes to minimalist jewelry, you should not miss Soko. Soko is a sustainable jewelry brand that originated in Kenya. The brand produces jewels obtained from recycled materials like brass, cow bone, and horn. Soko can also assure you that their jewelry is made with love by their artisan employees.  

In terms of aesthetics, Soko is the safest bet if you like smooth lines and polished silhouettes. They also have other designs, including sculptural choker necklaces, slender bracelets, and stud earrings.

3. Mettle

Minimalism not your style? Go bold and ethical with Mettle. 

Mettle is a jewelry brand known for its chunky and attention-seeking designs. 

Their socially responsible products are handmade by underprivileged artisans from Cambodia and Indonesia. Mettle also uses recycled eco-leather for their jewelry. Among their promising pieces is a gold plated brass necklace that resembles a backbone. Aside from being recycled, the design screams unapologetic boldness. 

4. Bario Neal

Bario Neal, a brand based in Philadelphia, creates remarkable and highly sustainable jewelry with reclaimed and recycled materials. The stones they use also have a Fairmined Assurance label that certifies responsible for gold mining. 

Barrio Neal also has a commitment to achieve social justice and environmental sustainability. More specifically, the brand teams up with US refineries to minimize harsh environmental impacts. 

If you want to know more about their good work, you should definitely check them out! 

5. Catbird

Last on the list is Catbird!

Catbird is an eco-friendly brand that specializes in accessories for special occasions like engagements and weddings. They also have simpler pieces for everyday wear. 

To help the world make a better place, Catbird uses recycled gold and conflict-free stones. Catbird also allocates 1% of its overall profits for charities like ACLU and the Food Bank of NYC. With Catbird, you’re helping the environment and feeding the hungry. 

Purchase with your Heart

On its own, jewelry is an immensely powerful accessory. With sustainability in mind, these brands are making the glamming up even more powerful. If you want to make a purchase, I hope you find a place for these kind brands. 

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