Eco-consciousness is a factor that goes a long way in driving the purchase decisions of consumers these days. As sustainability becomes more than only a public sentiment, more and more businesses are making conscious efforts to embrace it. When it comes to sustainability for cannabis brands, product packaging is an area that matters. Eco-conscious cannabis sellers, therefore, are exploring ideas to eliminate non-biodegradable packaging types and be a part of the eco-revolution. Here are some ideas that are making it big for sustainable weed packaging.

Substitute plastic with glass

Everything boils down to cutting down the use of plastic bags and bottles because they end up in landfills and cause more harm to the environment than you may think. If you are serious about being eco-friendly, substituting plastic with glass is the best way to start. Glass jars make an excellent option for storing weed flowers. They are reusable, versatile, and preserve the flavor and aroma of the buds. They even look good on the dispensary shelf, and your customers will love them as well. Choosing glass helps you do your bit for the environment while making your buyers happy.

Look for other recyclable and reusable alternatives

At times, the glass may not be suitable for weed packaging because of the nature of the product and transportation requirements. It makes sense to look for other recyclable and reusable alternatives in packaging so that you can keep your stuff safe during storage and transit, but also without harming the environment. High-quality mylar weed bags are a good option for weed sellers. Natural materials are recyclable, so prioritize them for packaging to stay true to your commitment towards sustainability.

Encourage recycling

Choosing sustainable packaging material is the first step for making your business sustainable. Pack them with cards and ribbons to be more appealing, where you business information is written, or maybe the product information, of a message that encourages your customers to recycle. Custom Lanyard offers good quality recyclable cards. But you can go the extra mile to reduce your dispensary’s impact by encouraging recycling among the buyers. Put a recycling bin in your dispensary and make sure that it is clearly visible. Post signs that narrate the benefits of recycling and encourage the customers to do it with marijuana packaging. Printing a reminder to recycle on the store receipts is also a good idea.

Label smartly

Apart from opting for sustainable packaging material, you need to be conscious of the labels as well. Dispensaries have to label the weed containers to abide by the law. While labeling requirements vary by state, you have to do it regardless of the location of your dispensary. Essentially, labels must have key information printed on them and must be affixed to the container. But the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives makes them non-recyclable. While labeling is mandatory, you can reduce the impact by using a single label with all the requisite information rather than having multiple ones.

When it comes to sustainability, small efforts go a long way. Following these ideas can help you live up to the commitment of being an eco-friendly business. Further, you need to be aware of everything new in the field so that you can embrace sustainable innovation sooner rather than later.


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