Sweet Festival Accommodation With Tangerine Fields

There you are. Dragging your entire festival wardrobe behind you. Along with your food, alcohol, tent, blow up bed and sleeping bag.

The excitement’s been building up inside of you for weeks. You’re there, at your favourite festival, on your way to find a spot in the campsite.

All you really want to do is stop, take a sip and enjoy the moment. But you can’t. You know that after hauling your entire festival kit up hills and over mountains (well… it feels like it) you then have to spend quality time arguing with each other about how to put a tent up, who’s going to blow up the bed by lung power because you’ve forgotten the pump and who gets to stop first and admire the view.

That’s it, that’s all you really want to do. And guess what? You can!

Kinross - Patterns Amongst the First of the Tents as Eager Festival Goers Arrive at T in the Park 2013

Tangerine Fields used to be the area, more popularly known of at Glastonbury, that was admired by all and used by a very lucky number of people. With it’s glorious Tipi’s, the mere sight of it’s closeness to the stages and coolness of it’s concept would send the average festival goer into an unexpected fit of pure jealousy.

Tents At Tangerine Fields

Yet as Tangerine Fields gained in popularity with festival organisers we realised that It had always been there for everyone and that is, in fact, how it began.

Founders Suzy Myler and Mark Shelley, after The Big Chill 2004, decided that enough was enough when it came to putting up and taking down your own tents at festivals. We all know just how exhausting it can be and we’ve all seen the amount left behind by those who simply gave up.

It was at the Big Chill 2005 that the first 100 tent Tangerine Fields existed.

They have now evolved to provide not just tents but Tipi’s, Yurt’s, Gypsy Caravans and Geo-Domes. This year they’ve also added giant ‘dice’ styled Cosy Cubes and the large family Arabic styled Bedouin Tents whilst still featuring the Hammock Tent, which sleeps 4 people in jungle safari hammocks.



Many of the Tangerine Fields also come with their ‘Added Juice’ concept. At these festivals your camping area has increased security, better toilet facilities, private hot showers and recent additions have included the Pamper Parlour (with its hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs) and at selected events the Tangerine Café which offers an exclusive late night bar for the UK’s biggest party Glastonbury and a few more.

We want added Juice!

On the responsible side, not just what we want to get out of it in terms of ease and comfort, all of Tangerine Fields tents are reused until they can’t stay up late any more. Then their good bits are taken and passed onto younger models, getting the maximum use out of everything before it is retired. Thankfully, you can continue to stay up late and party with Tangerine Fields festival after festival and none of your spare parts will be taken away and given to younger models. Unless you’d like them to be!

All of the left over sleeping bags are donated to various local and national charities including Oxfam and Shelter. So far over 65,000 homeless people, scout groups and hostels have directly benefited from Tangerine Fields and the kindness of their guests.

So before you go and buy your rubbish pop up tent or pack up your expensive 6 man beast, check out Tangerine Fields to see if they’re at your festival. Then just choose if you want to have them put up a tent for you, a tent with all the trimmings (bed, sleeping bags etc), a Tipi, Bedouin tent, bell tent or more!

Prices vary between festivals and the type of package you’re after but it’s more worth it than you could ever imagine.

Make life better with www.tangerinefields.co.uk.


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