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Sziget Festival And Budapest’s ‘Ruin Pubs’

Sziget Festival And Budapest’s ‘Ruin Pubs’

Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary. 11th-18th August. If you're looking for a crazy summer getaway that's more Mad Max meets Spring Breakers than the opening credits of Grease...

May 28th, 2014

Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary. 11th-18th August.

If you’re looking for a crazy summer getaway that’s more Mad Max meets Spring Breakers than the opening credits of Grease… Get tickets to Sziget!

Hungary’s top music festival is held in it’s capital Budapest. Attracting over 350,000 people, staying for up to seven days entertained by up to 1000 artists. Carnage guaranteed.

It’s held on a leafy 266 acre island on the Danube, Óbudai-sziget (Old-Buda Island) and in 2011 it won the European Festival Award for the Best Major Festival.

It can be very civilised and is billed accordingly. As well as the vast array of bands to see, you can also hang out and play on the island’s football pitch, try indoor rowing or go to the cinema. Once the party is over you can wind down in the famous Hungarian baths or if you want to keep partying, head into the centre of Budapest where you’ll find plenty of clubs and bars. This is what you want to do at least a couple of the nights.

In Budapest, a phenomena called ‘ruin pubs’ took over the night life a few years back. Adorned with worn-down pieces of furniture and psychedelic interiors, it’s the atmosphere of a certain few that truly make them ‘ruin’.

Here are the best to try when you’re at Sziget.

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert, situated in Kazinczy utca, downtown Budapest. The mother of all ruin pubs.

The interior was put together from a selection of second hand electronic devices, prehistoric toys, old bikes and vintage Russian cars.


Anker’t, the summer version of Anker Klub, is the largest garden bar in downtown Budapest. Within an enormous former factory with minimalist interior and made up of huge, connecting courtyards.

Dürer Kert

Dürer Kert has an urban crowd away from the downtown area. Cool, grungy and often holds gigs inside and out on the garden stage.

Ellátó Kert

Ellátó Kert is located in Kazinczy utca, in the centre of the Drinking District.

Very cool… bikers, skaters, tattooed musicians, tattooed girls.

Fogas Ház

Contemporary arts, pizza, stylish dance floor.


Located in Nagymező utca, also known as the Broadway of Pest, a beloved spot of party animals.

Inside you’ll find a boar-shaped disco ball, glowing butterflies and humping foxes… what’s not right there?


Grandio is a bar, club and party hostel. Chilled by day and wild with all-nighters when it’s dark.


Király utca’s Kuplung. Hidden, underground, graffiti, courtyard, urban art, drinks discounts.


Kertem is Városliget… City Park is like a jungle. Cheap drinks, free gigs, food and fairy lights.

Back to the festival… As with any great festival you’ll also find areas to challenge your mental equilibrium like the Sziget Eye, Luminarium, the Before I Die wall, the Tarot Labyrinth and many more special parties and areas.

The line up includes Queens of The Stone Age, Imagine Dragon, Blink 182, The Prodigy, London grammar, Crystal Fighters, Fink and Kavinsky (Drive soundtrack).

It’s easy to get to with flight from around £125. You can even get travel packages to include everything.

Bla Bla car have Szigets on their list. Bla Bla is a car sharing site for festivals and other destinations and events. Get all of that info here.

A weekly pass to the festival with camping is currently 229 Euros. Then you want to add your 12-33 Euro Budapest Citypass on top which is your transport and discounts in various places. Other wise just get a transport ticket.

For info see www.Szigetfestival.com.

Penny Lee

Penny Lee

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