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Looking for a fun day out with the gals? A cute idea for date night? Or even a wholesome activity for the whole fam, then check out Gravity MAX at Westfield Stratford.

Coined as London’s first urban theme park, Gravity Max offers everything from e-Karting to mini golf across 67,000sq ft of air-conditioned space, which is perfect for this summer weather.

The urban theme park is designed like a neon-lit fever dream, filled with plenty of nostalgic touches for those of us who remember what it was like to visit an old school arcade.

Start your day with an e-Kart race, which is eight minutes of pure adrenaline across a winding racetrack, London’s largest multi-level multi-track e-karting course, which is truly an electrifying way to start your day at Gravity Max.

Gravity Max Stratford Westfield is a fun day out for all ages

There is plenty of fun for groups and couples too, especially with the Coca Cola Mini Golf and Coca Cola experience among other delightful activities that will get your whole body moving.

We especially enjoyed the immersive Game Box which had several different games to choose from, the most popular of which being the Squid Games immersive experience.

Players wear a sensor cap to participate as they recreate all five games in the hit Netflix series from ‘Red Light Green Light’ to ‘Tug of War’, ‘Marbles’ and even the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and of course ‘Squid Game’. The games are fun, easy to understand and will require your whole body – and plenty of coordination too.

Get your heart racing with an e-Kart race at Gravity MAX Westfield Stratford

After that, check out the Hyperfloor, which is akin to a life-sized game of Tetris. Players will certainly break a sweat as they hop, run and skid through the Hyperfloor to step on matching colours.

For your next girl’s night, there is also the Voice Karaoke where you can step into the spotlight and channel your inner star. Boys will love the Heineken Bar, which is the best place at Gravity Max to enjoy a pint (or three) along with a game of digital darts.

There is also the Hologate VR Arena which takes VR games to the next level, as well as the Carnival Street arcade, which adds a welcome touch of nostalgia by bringing to life some old school arcade games. These include old-school shooting games, claw machines, Whack-A-Mole, and even axe-throwing to more modern games as well.

So, whether you’re looking for nostalgia, a fun night of Karaoke, high-tech VR games or an exhilarating Karting experience, look no further than Gravity MAX Westfield Stratford, an urban theme park that literally has it all.

The Heineken Bar is a great spot to watch sports and share a pint

To book tickets or to find more information visit www.gravity-global.com

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