Tangerine Fields Takes Pole Position In 2015

In its 12 year history Tangerine Fields has grown from supplying tented facilities for 100 people to approximately 40,000 people every summer. With an ever increasing portfolio of some 37 festivals this year (and counting), their service is valued and trusted by guests and promoters alike at the best loved UK, Irish and now European festivals.

2015 is a special year with Tangerine Fields securing for the first time the Silverstone Classic, MotoGP and Formula 1 events. Racing fans can experience the comfort of our boutique camping away from the roaring engines of the paddock in podium finish style. They also join the ‘Rat Races’. These increasingly popular events challenge participants’ to the limit of their physical fitness making inflatable mattresses and other luxury facilities a welcome respite for fatigued athletes

Where other festival accommodation companies have tried and failed – Tangerine Fields take away the hassles of camping to ensure a more pleasurable and luxurious festival experience. They provide additional on-site facilities at selected events leaving you and your friends plenty of time to enjoy good music, sports, friends and sunshine.

The concept was simple for founder Suzy Myler and Mark Shelley. In 2004 at the Big Chill festival, after an exhausting experience in taking their own tents down at the end of a long weekend of music and fun, the idea was formed. A year later they accommodated 100 people at the Big Chill and suddenly a viable business was born.

In the next few years Tangerine Fields grew at an exponential rate to match the expectation of festival goers, and with the addition of Matt Pickup to the business, the Tangerine Fields brand is now well liked amongst Festival organisers and guests alike. They have evolved to provide not just tents but Tipi’s, Yurt’s, and Gypsy Caravans and Geo-Domes to cope with demand. In 2014 they continue to update tent stock in a sustainable way, which includes the fresh and funky ‘dice’ looking Cosy Cubes and the large family Arabic styled Bedouin Tents whilst still featuring such favourites as the Hammock Tent which sleeps 4 people in jungle safari hammocks. They are at the cutting edge of outdoor living options.

Many of the Tangerine Fields also come with their ADDED JUICE concept. At these festivals your camping area has increased security, better toilet facilities, private hot showers and recent additions have included the Pamper Parlour (with its hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs) and at selected events the Tangerine Café which offers an exclusive late night bar for the UK’s biggest party Glastonbury and a few more. The ‘Added Juice’ concept is now across most of our event – adding value at competitive prices.

All of Tangerine Fields tents are reused until they can’t stay up late any more, then their good bits are taken and passed onto younger models, getting the maximum use out of everything before it is retired. All of the left over sleeping bags are donated to various local and national charities including Oxfam and Shelter, and so far over 65,000 homeless people, scout groups and hostels have directly benefited from Tangerine Fields and the kindness of their guests.

Tangerine Fields is staffed by an army of ‘Tangerine Marines’ who work incredibly hard to ensure guests have an easier and more relaxed experience. Come rain or shine at any of this year’s many festivals you can be rest assured Tangerine Fields will be in attendance to make the experience more pleasurable and hassle free.

Come rain or shine – Tangerine Fields will be this summers headlining act at your favourite outdoor events.

Full details of our services and bookings at www.tangerinefields.co.uk

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