Taste the flavours of China at this weekend’s Chinese Food Festival

Chinese food fans, grab your meat buns and milk teas and rejoice! This weekend sees the return of the Chinese Food Festival in Potters Field, and Team Coco previews some of the festival’s most mouth-watering vendors.  This year’s theme was taken from the tradition of Chinese markets called yè shì; which are late night markets that have been a popular tradition all across China. This weekend, you can enjoy exotic delicacies from all over China, set beneath the magnificent backdrop of Tower Bridge. Over 20 vendors will serve over 100 authentic night market dishes from many of China’s different provinces. From the infamous Wuhan Chili Oil Braised Crayfish, spicy Xiaoman noodles, Cantonese Char sit pork ( a personal favourite) and a selection of Taiwanese classics.

Visitors will also get the chance to experience a free masterclass from the legendary Lee Kum Kee Chinese Kitchen (any Chinese cook knows that Lee Kum Kee’s special oyster sauce is a must-have in any home kitchen) who will be teaching classic BBQ chicken Bao and pickled vegetable recipe in collaboration with The School of Wok. Guests can also enjoy traditional Chinese beers like Cobra, Snow Beer, as JiangXiaoBai Baiju bar will be serving drinks till late — in true night market fashion.

With all the fantastic food on offer — here’s our take on some of the Chinese Food Festival vendors that we got to preview in Old Spitalfields Market ahead of the festival.

Yifang Milk Tea

If you’ve ever come across Yifang’s Milk Tea stall in Covent Garden – you’d easily spot the super long snaking queue for the shops absolutely delectable  all natural milk teas. We tried their classic Fresh milk tea with pearl and their yummy Yifang Fruit Tea. Try their new viral sensation which is the Mud flip Tea – a tea that is both Tea and dessert all rolled into one.


There is no better accompaniment to milk tea than Jiaba’s Yansunji and braised pork rice. Yansunji is a special Chinese style fried chicken that is an absolute taste sensation, featuring Chinese five spice. Their Jiaba box combines traditional Yansunji with an aromatic braised pork rice and tea egg — perfect for a scrumptious autumn evening meal!

Pleasant Lady

A Jian Bing is a street food favourite in Shandong and was popularised in the Tianjin region. (Imagine a Chinese style crepe but with sweet and savoury meet fillings) Traditionally eaten for breakfast, Pleasant Lady brings these hearty wraps straight into the hearts of Londoners everywhere

Wheel cake Island

Imagine a lovely fluffy pancake filled with sinfully sweet custard creams and you’ll get Wheelcake Island. A dessert mash-up of epic proportions that quickly became an indulgent office favourite. Wheel cake Island offers sweet fillings of Azuki Bean, Vanilla Custard, Matcha and a Vanilla chocolate hybrid that’s to die for.


The Chinese Food Festival will run from September 1-2 in Potter’s Field London

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