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Tasty Food & Drink News

Food and drink news update

It’s the time of year when we’re bombarded with food and drink adverts, and we are 100% here for it! Bring on the festive food and drink launches, bring on the Christmas markets, bring on the bowls of seasonal soup in front of an open fire.

Whether you’re stocking up for the coming weeks, or just filling your fridge and cupboards for the week ahead, we’ve got you covered. Time to dive head first into some tasty food and drink news from House of Coco.


COOK, Christmas Bundle

Avoid poultry panic this year and get ahead of the game by ordering your higher-welfare bird and all the Christmas trimmings in one delivery from COOK this Christmas. All of COOK’s turkeys have been stuffed and rolled by hand in the COOK kitchen and are already in the freezer. Available to buy on their own, or with all the trimmings, the bundles available feed 2,8 or 12 people. Included: turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, pigs in blankets, stuffing and gravy. Available from Cook Food, priced at £36.35 (for 2), £108.65 (for 8), and £170.85 (for 12).

eat2explore, Cooking Kits

The new eat2explore experiential cooking kits for children and families has just launched in the UK following huge success in the US. The kits inspire cultural curiosity and a passion for cooking for kids to get involved in mealtimes. Each box contains ingredients, recipe cards, activities and cooking tools, inspired by a new unique culture every time. Available from eat2explore, priced at £27.50 each box.

Jongga, Kimchi

In Korean tradition, recipes are passed down from generation to generation, this strong tradition is called JONGGA. Kimchi is a probiotic-rich dish with many health benefits, helping to balance the immune system and offering anti-viral effects. Jongga Kimchi products are made with quality ingredients, are plant-forward, gluten-free, and available in the UK at Costco, Seoul Plaza, and other local Asian grocery stores. Priced from £3.29 – £6.50.

The West Cornwall Pasty Co., Turkey Roast Dinner Pasty

The West Cornwall Pasty Co. released a brand new winter range including a turkey roast dinner pasty. Golden, hand-crimped shortcrust pastry, filled with turkey, mini roast potatoes, sweet parsnips and cranberries, pork and sage stuffing, gravy and, of course, one or two Brussels sprouts for good measure. Available now from selected Moto service stations and Rontec Roadside Retail outlets. Visit Instagram to see how good the pasties look!

Locako, Keto Collagen Snack Bars

Having taken Australia’s healthy lifestyle scene by storm, cult keto snack brand Locako is finally hitting UK shores too! Offering a range of delicious low-carb, keto and collagen snacks, Locako products are made with the healthiest and cleanest possible ingredients. Offering excellent nutritional macro content, the Snack Bars are made with the combination of pasture-raised bovine collagen and coconut MCT that support your hair, skin, nails, joints and gut health. Available in two delicious flavours: Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Caramel from Locako and Planet Organic. Priced at £2.99 per 40g bar or £30 per carton (50 bars).


L.A Brewery, Citrus Hops Kombucha

The rich hoppy depths of a New England IPA combined with the refreshing tart acidity of citrus fruits, makes this a fruity, floral, tropical non-alcoholic craft Kombucha. Priced at £30 (case of 12 bottles), from LA Brewery.

Feragaia, Feragaia and Ginger Ale

We’re really excited to share that Feragaia, the original free spirit, is adding their 0.0% ABV ready to drink cans to its refreshed range. We are all over the, Feragaia and Ginger Ale, which is available now at Feragaia. Priced from £2.50 per can (£30 for 12 cans).

Fix8, Kombucha

A new trio of British craft Kombucha Sodas from Fix8 has just launched. The three flavours include Ginger Turmeric, Strawberry Basil, and Sicilian Citrus. All are made with 100% natural ingredients, Vitamin C, and gut-health boosting live cultures. Priced at £5 (for 4 cans), or £1.79 each. To buy from Waitrose and Fix8.  

Locako, Coffee Creamer

These creamers are great low-carb alternatives that will also add a subtle sweetness to your drink. Made with coconut milk powder, the creamers will also further enrich your favourite morning drink with pasture-raised bovine collagen and MCT oil for added health and beauty benefits. Available in three flavours: Natural, Vanilla, and Cookies & Cream. Available from Locako priced at £20.99 (300g, approx 25 servings).