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    Plan for the weekend : Be More Carnival thanks to Rum Kitchen’s Brighton opening

    What a better time for Caribbean-inspired restaurant and bar, Rum Kitchen, to be launching their newest venue in coastal party capital of Brighton?


    Pick Me Up for less than £30

    This month, while short, is taking its sweet time! We are missing our friends and Zoom calls are wearing thin. What better pick me up to send your friend a little treat and maybe twin with them and get one for you too?


    Pimp my desk: February Edit

    Here are 5 desk items that are making my February that little bit brighter...all with a slight sustainability edge because I'm not a monster!


    CocoHome : Why we’re so obsessed with Anglepoise

    The instantly recognisable Anglepoise lamp started out as an engineering invention back in 1932 yet remains a covetable desk accessory today. When looking to level up our own wfh desks, what better place to start.


    CocoHome : Bringing colour into your home with Lick

    We caught up with Natasha Bradley, Home Interior Designer and Colour Expert at new cult-fave Lick on everything you need to know about bringing colour into your home.


    COCOHOME: Creating your happy place with Amy Wilson Interiors

    When launching this new CocoHome series, we wanted to mix up inspiration with practical advice and proven results. [...]


    Sparking creativity with Hannah Turlington, printmaker

    It's tough to stay creative, be creative and spark new creativity at the best of times and, erm, well...we don't need to say any more. We are always looking [...]


    COCOHOME: Beautiful & sustainable choices with arkitaip

    Today we're catching up with the founders of arkitaip, run by mother-daughter duo Michi and Lea Wieser, about their Casita home capsule collection that extends your sustainable choices outside of your wardrobe, into your home.


    COCOHOME : Designing for Wellbeing with Juliette Thomas

    With more of us spending time at home, it’s essential that our living spaces are offering much more than just a roof over our heads. They need to enhance our lives and become a space that we feel calm, safe and relaxed in.


    Little Luxuries for WFH

    A new year does not mean a new you. But, it does mean new luxuries.


    Create the nest of dreams with Tielle Love Luxury

    Just before Christmas we chatted with Robert Lancaster-Gaye, a co-founder at Tielle Love Luxury who provide bed linen to some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. After many requests to make their linens available to enjoy at home, the brand was born. I can tell you first-hand, that this luxury, ethical linen is worth every penny.


    #CocoChef : Travel through food with MasterChef’s Hannah Gregory

    You may have seen wonder woman Hannah Gregory on MasterChef earlier this year. She's also an epic member of our TeamCocoGang an a regular ear for our team lamenting about missing foods from travels. Hannah has rounded up her top tips for travelling through food below. Be sure to head to her interview over here for more tasty wanderlust.


    #CocoChef : The taste of adventure – Hannah Gregory, MasterChef

    Hannah Gregory is an inspirational woman. You might have seen her on MasterChef earlier this year (no spoilers here if you haven't managed to catch up). Her love of travel and world cuisine has always permeated her cooking and she recently founded WanderSups, a fantastical adventure inspired private chef supperclub. Says Hannah, "all WanderSups events – no matter how big or small, follow one mantra - PREP | COOK | SUPS | PLAY."


    Attn: Pour-over coffee snobs – Melitta® EPOS®

    With most of us not able to indulge in our favourite barista made drinks this year, we've turned our sights to the amazing coffees we can whip up at home. Melitta® EPOS® is the first-ever electric pour-over coffee system with an integrated grinder that might just revolutionise how you make coffee for a day WFM.