Rachael Lindsay

Rachael is about sustainable living and loves writing about everything from veganism to eco travel. She loves running, yoga and vegan food.



    Three of the Best Eco Stationery Brands

    Can stationery be sustainable? If you are anything like House of Coco writers then you love to jot down notes in a beautiful notebook, particularly when on the go. But it’s also worth thinking about sustainability when it comes to stationary. We have done the research for you so here are our top three most beautiful and sustainable stationery brands.


    Three of the Best CBD Products

    Known to aid sleep, ease anxiety and help you de-stress, CBD products are getting really popular. [...]


    Wake up Here: The Georgian, Coppa Club

    What a treat to be one of the first guests at the newly opened The Georgian, Coppa Club, in Haslemere, Surrey. [...]


    Three of the Best Earth-Friendly Sun Creams

    Whether you are getting ready to go abroad or primed to soak up the rays in the UK, make sure you take care of your skin and the planet [...]


    Three of the Best New Sportswear Collections

    With a sunny Easter weekend upon us, it is time to get our spring/summer sportswear on and enjoy some exercise in the great outdoors. [...]


    Three of the Best Boozy Mother’s Day Gifts

    About to grab a last-minute gift for your Mum this Mother's Day? Go for one of these delicious boozy collections and she won't be disappointed. [...]


    Three of the Best New Vegan Chocolate Bars

    For anyone powering on with veganism since this Veganuary, or if you just want to try what's out there vegan chocolate wise, this guide is for you. [...]


    Three of the Best Vegan Spreads

    Trying veganuary but struggling a little for inspiration? House of Coco writer Rachael Lindsay has been vegan for four years this Veganuary. [...]


    Three of the Best Boozy Stocking Fillers

    In a last minute panic about what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Here are three quick and easy stocking filler options that they will definitely love. [...]


    Three of the Best Sustainable Beauty Stocking Fillers

    We have tried and tested sustainable beauty stocking fillers and present you with our top three. So you can tread lightly on the planet and buy wonderful gifts all at the same time.


    Three of the Best Eco-Friendly Coffees Brands

    Three divine coffee brands with eco-friendly credentials.


    Celebrate World Vegan Day with Complimentary Oat Milk Coffee

    Get your free coffee from Common Ground in Clapham on 1 November 2021 only!


    Three of the Best Eco-Friendly Advent Calendars

    Chocolate, beauty or a candle? Take your pick from three stunning eco advent calendars.


    Three of the Best Hemp Beauty Products

    From shampoo to soap to cleansing oil, we recommend these three hemp beauty products to get you started on your hemp journey.


    Three of the Best Vegan Milk Chocolate Bars

    Three of the best vegan milk chocolate bars out there.