Vanessa Gainford

Self-professed fragrance obsessed, Dubai-based Vanessa is a beauty and travel contributor. When not writing, you’ll find her meditating, swimming and/or sipping a cocktail (in Greece, preferably).


    December 18th, 2018

    #CocoChristmas; Top 5 Classic Fragrances To Gift

    Just as a reminder, Christmas is a week away, so if you’re starting to enter panic mode on what to gift the women in your life, don’t. Not only are […]

    November 23rd, 2018

    A Sensory Experience; TUI Sensatori

    It’s an exciting time for TUI; […]

    November 14th, 2018

    #CocoAdvice; How To Stay Together When Everything Is Falling Apart

    Have you ever felt that everything always happens at once? […]

    October 16th, 2018

    #CocoFood; Wine Tasting 101

    As you may know #TeamCoco are a bunch of foodies, no matter where we are in the world, alongside our passion for travel and adventure, is a need for […]

    September 9th, 2018

    #CocoBeauty: In-Flight Beauty Regime

    So #TeamCoco are constantly racking up our air miles, which means we’re becoming pretty pro at flying. Flights are sort of second nature to us now. […]

    May 23rd, 2018

    #CocoBeauty: 3 Minutes With MysticTan

    With temperatures rising in the UK and then dropping straight back down again, its proving impossible to build a little colour before the sun goes into hiding again. […]

    April 10th, 2018

    St James’ Square: A Luxury Escape From Reality

    This time of year is a mix of people attending business trips, using up last minute holidays, trying to escape the winter-like weather and then there is those of us […]

    February 7th, 2018

    #CocoBeauty; 2018 Skincare Trends

    Over recent years the beauty industry has expanded drastically. It’s one of the most prevalent industries to be in at present. […]

    May 23rd, 2017

    We Were Staying In Paris; 48 Hours In The City

    The ultimate city break and most romantic weekend getaway, has to be Paris. […]

    May 11th, 2017

    #CocoBeauty : Pure, Honest, Effective Skincare: Tropic Skincare

    Although #TeamCoco are constantly searching for the best, whether that be fashion, food, travel, work or beauty; […]

    September 27th, 2016

    Meet MZ Skin.

    MZ Skin, you won’t have heard of this brand yet, as it only launched exclusively in Harrods last week. […]

    September 26th, 2016

    SPA Social at Mondrian London

    Here at House of Coco, we are known for our love of good cuisine, our ability to work hard and relax even harder. […]

    May 18th, 2016

    Prepping your mind and body for summer? Agua Spa at Sanderson has the answer.

    This week, Team Coco were treated to an intimate three-course dinner at the Sanderson Hotel Aqua Spa. To set the scene the 10,000 square-foot Agua Spa in London provides […]

    March 20th, 2015

    ‘Can you spell Gabbana?’

    The internet has been in frenzy this week since Elton John started a campaign to Boycott Dolce & […]