Vanessa Gainford

Self-professed fragrance obsessed, Dubai-based Vanessa is a beauty and travel contributor. When not writing, you’ll find her meditating, swimming and/or sipping a cocktail (in Greece, preferably).



    #CocoChristmas; Top 5 Classic Fragrances To Gift

    Just as a reminder, Christmas is a week away, so if you're starting to enter panic mode on what to gift the women in your life, don't.  Not only are [...]


    A Sensory Experience; TUI Sensatori

    It’s an exciting time for TUI; [...]


    #CocoAdvice; How To Stay Together When Everything Is Falling Apart

    Have you ever felt that everything always happens at once? [...]


    #CocoFood; Wine Tasting 101

    As you may know #TeamCoco are a bunch of foodies, no matter where we are in the world, alongside our passion for travel and adventure, is a need for [...]


    #CocoBeauty: In-Flight Beauty Regime

    So #TeamCoco are constantly racking up our air miles, which means we’re becoming pretty pro at flying. Flights are sort of second nature to us now. [...]


    #CocoBeauty: 3 Minutes With MysticTan

    With temperatures rising in the UK and then dropping straight back down again, its proving impossible to build a little colour before the sun goes into hiding again. [...]


    St James’ Square: A Luxury Escape From Reality

    This time of year is a mix of people attending business trips, using up last minute holidays, trying to escape the winter-like weather and then there is those of us [...]


    #CocoBeauty; 2018 Skincare Trends

    Over recent years the beauty industry has expanded drastically. It’s one of the most prevalent industries to be in at present. [...]


    We Were Staying In Paris; 48 Hours In The City

    The ultimate city break and most romantic weekend getaway, has to be Paris. [...]


    #CocoBeauty : Pure, Honest, Effective Skincare: Tropic Skincare

    Although #TeamCoco are constantly searching for the best, whether that be fashion, food, travel, work or beauty; [...]


    Meet MZ Skin.

    MZ Skin, you won’t have heard of this brand yet, as it only launched exclusively in Harrods last week. [...]


    SPA Social at Mondrian London

    Here at House of Coco, we are known for our love of good cuisine, our ability to work hard and relax even harder. [...]


    Prepping your mind and body for summer? Agua Spa at Sanderson has the answer.

    This week, Team Coco were treated to an intimate three-course dinner at the Sanderson Hotel Aqua Spa. To set the scene the 10,000 square-foot Agua Spa in London provides [...]


    ‘Can you spell Gabbana?’

    The internet has been in frenzy this week since Elton John started a campaign to Boycott Dolce & [...]