Our roving doggy rePAWter TeamCocopup and doting dog mum Hannah Tan-Gillies went for an idyllic weekend getaway with Coppa Club at The Swan Streatley, for a taste of life by the river.

Located in what probably is the most picturesque riverside location on the Thames, The Swan Streatley (operated by Coppa Club) is an homage the beauty of the Great British countryside.

The Swan, hotel, gym, yoga, gardens, river, gardens

In quiet yet charming Streatley, The Swan is the heart of the community and the centre of its vibrant social scene. There is the country house hotel of course, which offers different rooms that would suit all sorts of travellers. From the compact yet cosy Loft room, to the generously-sized dog-friendly rooms that open the hotel’s beautiful grounds.

The grounds themselves are a sight to behold. In the summer, they come to life – becoming a hub for families, home workers or boating enthusiasts who moor there for the afternoon. Charlie was allowed in every space at the hotel and was greeted with a dog bed, dog bowl, dog treats and a dog towel too. Not to mention our room opened out directly to the lawn, perfect for night-time doggy business. The Swan at Streatley gets five stars for dog friendliness and the TeamCocopup seal of approval.

The Swan at Streatly, hotel, gym, restaurant, gardens, River Thames

The main attraction at The Swan at Streatley is or course, the Coppa Club. A sprawling restaurant which smartly occupies both indoor and outdoor spaces, The Coppa Club seems to be at the epicentre of community life in Streatley. This gorgeous restaurant offers multiple vibes for all-day dining. From a sleek den, cosy nooks, spacious lounges, a vast garden and a breath-taking deck – there’s something for all kinds of diners here.

The Coppa Club Menu serves up a selection of time and tested British bistro classics with a twist. For starters, we especially enjoyed the garlic king prawns on toast and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken (which came with chili mayo and crunchy slaw). For mains – the British Flash Steak with chimichurri certainly doesn’t disappoint; and the Roasted Halibut Fillet, made with the day’s fresh catch, was equally delicious.

For cocktails — we liked the Garden Spritz which was exactly the kind of refreshing summer drink to enjoy during the day and night. The wine menu is concise yet filled with some excellent and reasonably-priced choices too, with our favourite being the delicious rosé from Tropezian winery Chateau Minuty. Thoughtful, unfussy yet undeniably delicious – we know for a fact that a good meal will be had at Coppa Club, no matter if you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Beyond great food and superb cocktails, there’s plenty to see and do at The Swan Streatley. Home to one of the most impressive gyms I have ever seen in a country house hotel, The Gym at The Swan is filled with the latest equipment and offers fun classes that include paddle-boarding, wild swimming, running clinics, outdoor yoga, stretching, meditation and so much more.

The Swan, hotel, gym, yoga, gardens, river, gardens

You wouldn’t be the first to think that The Swan at Streatley would make a great wedding or anniversary party venue, which is why it is so apt that the hotel has a specific area for meeting rooms and event spaces. Here, food is prepared by Coppa Club while guests stay at The Swan – an idyllic combo of excellent grub and stylish rooms in the heart of the Berkshires.

Between the sun-soaked gardens, warm and inviting hotel and fabulous restaurant — there’s plenty to fall in love with at The Swan at Streatley, a dreamy and beautiful riverside getaway. If you are exploring other riverside locations like Henley and Sonning – don’t forget to visit Coppa Club Henley and The Great House at Sonning too, sister properties of The Swan at Streatley.


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