#TeamCocopup: A Dog-friendly Review of The Little Blue Door Fulham

Every Londoner knows what its like to live in a flat-share, whether it’s fond memories of shared meals and drinks, or farfetched stories about flatmates that are just a little bit weird. No matter what your experience, living in a flat-share is a right of passage for any true Londoner, especially if that new flatmate has four paws and likes to chase a ball around. It is this insight that makes Fulham’s newest spot, The Little Blue Door, truly special. Our resident doggie journalist, TeamCoco pup Charlie Gillies is at it again, with a dog friendly review of The Little Blue Door.

Located on the picturesque Fulham Road, you’d almost miss The Little Blue Door if you didn’t know what you were looking for. There are no signs, and no windows, with only a bright blue door as indication that you have indeed arrived. Inside, it’s an eclectic mix of Bohemian style rugs and throw pillows, indie films being projected into exposed bricks, Friends DVDs stacked in a cosy nook, a neon-lit laundry room, a handsome study with matching blue pool table, and even a continental breakfast table on the corner. Definitely a hodge podge of sensations especially for a very excitable mini-black labradoodle. Charlie immediately proceeded to try and sit on every available surface, and the staff (who were running around in silly hats and pyjamas) were nothing but accommodating. They even went so far as to give him his own doggie bed  entire bag of treats, which definitely gaining them a 5 star rating for dog-friendliness.

We make our way to a cosy nook on the corner, mismatched throw pillows are scattered about, and a TV hanging on the wall. It is the perfect spot for an intimate Saturday brunch, and potentially maybe even a little Karaoke (more on that later) The Little Blue Door loves a good film reference, and so we sampled the cocktail trifecta of There’s Something About Mary (a bloody Mary) , Casanova (a classic Bellini) , and A Bigger Splash (a kind of Long Island Iced Tea) — which were all absolutely delicious. We also tried the Jamie’s Eggs, which is a healthy little fried egg conception with capers and feta, and ‘The Big F*** off pancake Platter” — which is perfect if you’re trying to cure a hangover from the night before. It will definitely make you say ‘Flippin Hell That’s Big!” as the menu suggests. We highly recommend sharing.

Once we’ve stuffed ourselves silly, we settled into our nook and lost the afternoon to never-ending conversations, puppy scratches, and cocktails. Occasionally popping into the back room for short terrible games of pool, and engaging in brief but charming conversations with the lovely people at The Little Blue Door. Before leaving, we all agree that it is definitely places like this that we need more of in London, a casually cool atmosphere where anything goes, and you can feel at home. So if you ever find yourself looking for a spot that’s a little bit less Chelsea and a little bit more relaxed on Fulham Road, then definitely knock on The Little Blue Door.

Charlie and I will be back. Potentially for some karaoke.


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