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Ten drink gift ideas to ring in Christmas party season with a bang

Team Coco has rounded up some of the best new drinks spirits, tipples, no-and-low blends, wines and wine subscriptions to fuel next Christmas-do – or simply to gift to your favourite boozy friend.

With the evenings growing longer and the weather getting chillier, we’ll soon be welcoming the arrival for Christmas party season.

Whether you’re the hardcore club kid, the shy office Christmas party-goer, the homemade Christmas party planner, or even the designated driver — Team Coco has rounded up some of the best new spirits, tipples, no-and-low blends, wines and wine subscriptions to fuel next Christmas do – or simply to gift to your favourite boozy friend.

1. lsle of Barra Atlantic Gin available at https://isleofbarradistillers.com/

2. Wild Eve Botanical Infusion No. 1 available at https://www.wild-eve.com/

3. The King of Soho London Dry Gin available at https://spiritofsoho.com/

Isla of Barra’s Atlantic Gin’s main botanical is carrageen seaweed, collected wild and sustainably, from the shores surrounding the island, creating a pleasing, bold flavour and rich in maritime notes. It is perfect for the family’s gin connoisseur.

Incomparable to anything else, Wild Eve Recipe no 1. is well thought out, rich and as intense as a good alcoholic drink. It has heat, length, and real complexity with that moreish desire to keep on sipping. This delicious blend was created by award winning Apothecary and Herbalist, Amanda Saurin.

4. Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea by Jing Tea available at https://jingtea.com/

5. Snow Globe Gin Liqueur by Gravity Drinks available at https://gravitydrinks.co.uk/

6. STRYKK Not V*dka by STRYKK available at https://www.strykk.com/

7. A Wine subscription by Bottle Bazaar Wine Club join via www.bbwineclub.co.uk

STRYKK’s Not V*dka, Jing Tea’s Sparkling Tea and Belvoir Farm’s non-alcoholic Passionfruit Martini’s make excellent gifts for those who have decided to skip the alcohol altogether this party season. Alternatively, they also serve as good companions for those looking to minimise their alcohol consumption this December. Meanwhile, the Snow Globe Gin Liqueur from Gravity Drinks adds some enchantment to your drinks trolley with edible gold leaf and a festive gingerbread and orange flavour.

Laid-back, accessible, not in the least bit intimidating… The Bottle Bazaar Wine Club is perfect for those who are curious to learn more about the wines they love – and discover new ones – in a friendly, unfussy way. In a world where we’ve learnt the joy of joining in from home, a gift membership to the Bottle Bazaar Wine Club is a really refreshing choice this Christmas (stay tuned for our review soon!)

8. Belvoir Farm Non-Alcoholic Passionfruit Martini available at https://www.belvoirfarm.co.uk/

9. Ron Zacapa Gran Reserva Premium Rum available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/

10. Coravin Sparkling Wine Preserver available at https://www.coravin.co.uk/

Why not celebrate this year with the gift of liquid magic from the world’s leading ultra-premium rum, Ron Zacapa 23? Created 2,300 metres above sea level this unique Guatemalan rum will transport your taste buds and serves as the ideal toast to the reuniting of friends and family. Ron Zacapa 23’s unique smoothness and exquisite taste is perfect for pairing with any festive meals or alongside delicious, sweet treats and always injects a hint of magic into any celebration.

Coravin is on a mission to change the way we experience wine. The brand’s new Coravin Sparkling is a ‘first of its kind’ product which will end all attempts of the many mythical solutions we currently use (such as spoons placed in open bottles!) to maintain the fizz in sparkling wine. The sparkling wine preservation system retains the flavour and effervescence of sparkling wines for two weeks, meaning we can now enjoy sparkling wine by the glass without affecting the rest of the bottle.