Tequila, it makes us happy…and hungry! Mexican delights at Peyotito

When you think brunch we bet you that you are thinking of avocados…but what if we paired those avocados with fresh and smokey margaritas…now we’re talking an elevated experience to your usual hungover dissection of the night before!

We would even dare to suggest that you should brunch at Peyotito on a clear head and a good night’s sleep; so good is the atmosphere, team, music and goodies on offer in their Notting Hill restaurant which is cunningly situated parallel to the madness of Portobello Road.

As we got lost in the menu, our first margaritas arrived as we were visiting on National Margarita Day (22nd Feb for your diaries, ladies!) for the Peyotito special cocktail which comes with an extra shot of beautiful mescal in a dinky little bottle.



Beautifully fresh and reviving we were then taken through the menu by the passionate team who seem to know exactly what we should eat and when to bring it. We grazed on vibrant ceviche, the most incredible pork and beef tacos ; where you could happily eat the taco shell on its own; it really is that good. The highlight of the meal is Adriana, the Girl Boss chef herself, hand delivering the delicioso chicken mole to the table. Talking of mole, they have a white chocolate mole on the menu which we are heading back to sample soon!


As our brunching continues, the atmosphere kicks up a notch with the arrival of well heeled families (who get us checking the state of our heels!) and kids who definitely have better weekend lunches that the alphabites and chicken dippers of our childhoods.

We can’t begrudge them too much as they don’t get to enjoy the Ginger and Chilli Margarita which appears as if by magic and starts bringing us out of the ‘we’re on holiday in Mexico City’ make-pretend we’ve been cultivating and energises us to explore the equally colourful houses and characters of Portobello Road market…

We visited Peyotito’s Notting Hill restaurant. To find out more about Peyotito restaurants and book your table head to www.peyotitorestaurant.com

Anna Willatt

A chronic over researcher, Anna is the one who will sniff out all the unusual things to do at a destination and create a spreadsheet of options so there's no FOMO. Less likely to be spotted at an infinity pool, Anna will be finding dive bars, flea markets, 3rd wave coffee shops and chatting with locals to find out what they get up to...and sharing that intel here as part of #TeamCoco.

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