[email protected] is reinventing modern Indian cuisine at the St James Court Hotel

Fans of the fabulously opulent Taj Hotel Group will surely be familiar with the old world glamour of the St. James Court Hotel. [...]

Fans of the fabulously opulent Taj Hotel Group will surely be familiar with the old world glamour of the St. James Court Hotel. However, those expecting the same classic atmosphere as the esteemed hotel are in for a surprise, as the [email protected], its newly-refurbished modern Indian restaurant, is anything but traditional.

A sleek black hallway greets visitors at the door, revealing a stylish pale pink and mint green bar area, accented with gorgeous copper details. The [email protected] is a refreshingly modern juxtaposition to the hotel’s timeless interiors and stepping into it is like stepping into a completely different universe.

The pastel colour palette extends throughout the space, which features a large teak-wood bar area, minimalist grey marble accents and breezy salmon-coloured booths. The restaurant opens to a sun-lit glass half-dome, offering fantastic views of the hotel’s historical courtyard and the beautiful Edwardian buildings that surround it.

[email protected] reimagines traditional Indian dishes for the curious palates of the hotel’s international luxury clientele and London’s cultural elite. The restaurant draws colourful inspiration and flavours from around the world and brings these to life using only the freshest seasonal ingredients available. The adventurous menu offers just the right balance of exotic flavours and familiar home comforts, with each dish executed with flair.

We started with the Superfood Salad, which offers a generous serving of mixed sprouts with zesty pomegranate dressing, enhanced by a dash of sweet blueberries and roasted pine nuts.

The Portobello Phuket was a standout dish. A portobello mushroom is baked with sambal and aubergine and serves as the perfect base to absorb the rich Thai Green curry and cream cheese sauce, while the basil crisps add a welcome crunch.

The Teriyaki Salmon Risotto, a deceivingly simple dish, is a clever, lighter Japanese take on the Italian classic, resulting in a truly delicious risotto that you can eat forever.

The Bao Buns are a thing of beauty and are made with fluffy white buns and punchy, aromatic fillings. There are two Bao Bun fillings to choose from, the Indo-Chinese Chicken with pickled cucumber or the Tofu & Orange Marmalade. The latter is an excellent and tasty vegetarian version of the dish.

Finally, no meal would be complete without some cocktails, which is where [email protected] pulls out all the stops. All cocktails were curated under the theme ‘Biomes of the World’, with each creation inspired by different climates and cultures from across the globe.

These beautifully crafted and delicious cocktails add a final flourish (or in this case garnish) to what has been a superb meal at [email protected] It is clear that while the restaurant may have only opened recently, it already exudes the menu, service and confidence of the beloved St. James Court establishment it is soon to become.


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