Over the last couple of years, people have been taking up cooking for themselves and ditching the takeaway. It started with the pandemic when people were stuck in their houses a lot and continues due to the high cost of living these days. Whatever the reason, people are looking to become better home cooks. To get better you need to have certain things.

Some of the tools you need are physical and some are more of a mindset. When you think of a professional chef, for instance, you know that they are able to get the job done because they have the right tools and the kitchen is set up to help them get the job done. In this article, we will go over some of the essentials so you can cook better at home.

1 – Get good knives

A chef’s knife is like an extension of their arm and without it they wouldn’t be able to get the job done. Although your needs are different from a chef, you will be surprised what a different meal prep is like when you have a good knife.

Make sure to look for the right set of knives that suit you and will last you a long time. A good knife should be made out of durable and strong carbon steel. The right one for you will be a good weight and have balance in your hand. This will make cutting and chopping a breeze.

They also need to be kept sharp since a dull knife is a very dangerous thing to have in the kitchen. Get yourself a whetstone and honing steel. Whetstone sharpening is the best way to keep them sharp since it can get the edge sharp as a razor blade.

When you have a good knife it will last you a lifetime as long as you take good care of it. They cost a bit of money but you end up saving money over the long term since you won’t be replacing it.

2 – Cast iron

Many home cooks are hesitant to get cast iron pans because they seem to be a pain to maintain. Although you have to treat them differently than regular pots and pans, they make your cooking much better as you have more control.

For instance, a long cooked stew done in a cast iron enamel Dutch oven comes out much better than if you used a slow cooker. They cook evenly and retain the heat so they are the ideal cooking vessel.

3 – An organized kitchen

When your kitchen is organized it acts like a helper since it makes your life easier. Your cooking is also better since you are able to focus on the task at hand not trying to find the things you need to prepare the meal.

Make sure to have your kitchen set up similar to a professional kitchen. This means keeping everything organized according to its need. For instance, you should have all of your tools that you need on a daily basis in one area and where you can see them such as a magnetic knife holder.


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