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The 5 Best Areas to Rent an Office in London

Finding that perfect office space to begin your business journey is one of the most exciting but difficult things a company can do.

Finding that perfect office space to begin your business journey is one of the most exciting but difficult things a company can do. With so much to consider and so many variables to take into account when making your final decision, it can be easy to overlook something important and suddenly find yourself in an office space that’s not able to suit your business needs.

Every business is different, and when it comes to finding your perfect office space there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

So, whether you’re looking to find an office space in Victoria that’s near transport links or want to be in the mix with a more centralised place of work, here are the 5 best areas to rent an office in London.


Central London is the heartbeat of the city, and setting up an office space in Soho makes you a vital part of it immediately. As a beacon of prosperity for media and fashion companies, Soho has also seen tech firms beginning to give in to the lure of the area’s reputation, legacy and exciting nightlife.

Ideally located to suit commuters from all over London, Soho is also just a short walk from Chinatown, Covent Garden and several other popular areas.


The hidden jewel of North London’s office space, Camden is currently welcoming every kind of business from PR and design firms to digital media outlets.

With a combination of established businesses and innovative start-ups, Camden offers a more mature and sophisticated version of some of the smaller, hip areas of London (such as Shoreditch) for businesses eager to make a bigger step up the ladder of success.


Welcoming all businesses, tourists, and other visitors, Victoria is perfectly situated near Victoria Station, Gatwick Airport and other transport links. Being close to Westminster and Buckingham Palace Road gives your business an immediate sense of reputation and association with some of South London’s most popular attractions.

If you’re looking for a dynamic and energetic place to form new business relationships and establish your brand, offices in Victoria can offer this and so much more.


For businesses hoping to set up shop on the east side of the city, Aldgate has become synonymous with tech companies and other digital start-ups hoping to make their mark.

Within walking distance of areas like Boxpark and Spitalfields Market, and close to large Fintech industry leaders, Aldgate offers an exciting place to begin your business journey or change your current surroundings.


As a host for some of the city’s biggest fashion, music and media companies, Mayfair sits nearby famous locations such as Notting Hill, Hyde Park and Richmond Park.

While finding an office space in Mayfair can be extremely pricey, there’s no denying the exclusivity that this more luxurious area can offer a business. The area offers multiple options for office sharing and serviced offices for those companies hoping to exide a little more class in their branding.

Are you looking for the perfect location to suit your business needs, build new relationships and set your brand up for the future? Contact us today and find out which areas in London are best suited for you.