The Apps To Download Before You Travel

Spending less time on your phone is one of the best parts of travelling. [...]

Spending less time on your phone is one of the best parts of travelling. Sure, you’ll still find #TeamCoco Instagramming those pinky sunsets and turquoise waters, but not having to look at a screen is definitely something we look forward to. That said, there are a whole host of handy travel apps out there that can make travelling that bit easier. So, swap mindless scrolling for working out how to get to that next dreamy spot and forget refreshing emails and start making international friends with these apps.


Whether you’ve planned a last -minute getaway, diverted your trip or you’ve had enough of hostel bunk beds HotelTonight will find you a room. The app is all about flexibility and couldn’t be easier to use. Select where and when you want to stay and you’ll find all hotels in the area with available rooms ranging from basic to luxe. So far so standard you might think, but the great thing about this app is that because you’re booking last minute, the hotels are all at discounted rates, giving you big savings which means you can spend less money on sleeping and more on cocktails at their rooftop pool.


Travelling is all about meeting new people, but sometimes the reality of solo travel can be that it is a bit too solo, especially if you decide to stay in a new city for a while. When you start to miss your home crew then download and check out GirlCrew, an app where you can meet women in the same city and create and attend events together. Really want to see that band in town but want don’t want to go alone? Need some motivation to exercise whilst away? Head to GirlCrew. As they say ‘Whatever you can dream up, you can do with the crew.’ You never know you might meet your next BFF and plan your next holiday together. 


The last thing you want to be doing whilst away is wasting time searching through your emails to find hotel reservations, car rental confirmations or flight details. Instead, hand everything over to TripIt, the app that organises all your itinerary for you, so that everything is in one place. All you need to do is forward on any confirmation emails to the app or sync it with your calendar and it’ll tell you where you need to be, when and how to get there. It’s also easy to send your plans to your contacts so you can check in with them quickly. Less time on travel admin means more time getting out and exploring. 


Not the best at navigation? Want to save your data? We hear you, so does Maps.Me, this handy little app lets you download maps for different countries which you can then use offline, saving your data for more important things… like Instagram. It’s not just maps though, you’ll also find travel guides so you can get to know each place and you can book hotels and transport directly through the app. 

XE Currency 

Part of travelling is making sure you stay savvy when it comes to your budget and making sure you don’t get ripped off when it comes to countries where you can barter prices. XE Currency, lets you convert currencies (offline) so you can see exactly what the rates are and if you really are getting a good deal! 

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