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The Best Alternative Stag Activities

The Best Alternative Stag Activities

If you are one of those who does not like to be a part of the herd, then this article is just the right thing for you.

April 11th, 2018

If you are one of those who does not like to be a part of the herd, then this article is just the right thing for you. Not everyone wants the traditional activities of a stag do, that’s why you can try out some alternative stag activities that promise equal fun and do not compromise on the entertainment.

Read on for some of the most innovative, unique and new ideas that can be used as an alternative to the present stag activities!

Tank Paintball – Yes, you probably read that right, and yes, we are talking about the full sized army tanks!! If you are looking for something bigger than the regular paintball game for your stag weekend, then the tank paintball is definitely the thing for you. Divide into teams of 3 and head to battle with a full-sized tank. One guy will ride, one will aim, and one will fire!! This activity is indeed something that you might not get to experience ever again!

Flyboarding – It is not possible that you might not have thought of being James Bond one day! The gadgets he has make him even cooler. So what better for your stag weekend than to strap yourself in a water-powered hoverboard (similar to James Bond!) and fly across the water freely. The flyboarding activity is an experience that none of you will ever forget in your life! Make sure to record those failed attempts for a laugh later on!

Husky Ride – If you are planning a winter stag do then this activity is certainly something not to miss at all!! Feel the thrill as the Huskies jump on the slide and race down on a track making you feel like an Arctic Explorer! Once you’re down the hill, help yourself get warm with fresh pints of beer awaiting! Do not forget to click yourselves with those beautiful dogs!

Segway Trial – Wish to have a good laugh? There is nothing funnier than watching your friends balancing and trying out a Segway in order to master this new skill. Try to control your laughter when you see some of your fellow stags falling on their bottoms trying hard to make that balance work out for them!! Shop the best segway from OhMyBike.

Bobsleigh – Another perfect activity that will help satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie on a winter stag do is the bobsleigh. This activity gives speed, thrill and rush all at once. Not everyone can get their hands on this unique, fast and terrifying descent down the hill with four men on a long metal tube!

Freefall Simulator – If you have always wished for skydiving but are not able to go for it, then this activity is the perfect alternative. Feel the adrenaline rush pumping through your body as you get the feeling of falling through the sky, diving towards the ground, with the fast wind blowing through your hair. If you are already excited, then this activity would be even better on a stag do!!

Zorb Football – If the idea of an indoor football sounds fun to you then this activity is undoubtedly for you! Hey, you don’t have to be all serious while playing just get inside those zorb ball that will go halfway through your body and start playing football regularly. The fun begins when you guys bump into each other and bounce back. This less tiring activity can be worth hours of fun for all, without any chance of getting hurt!!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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