When getting invited to a get-together, you wouldn’t want to go to a relative or friend’s house empty-handed. However, wine and cheese may be too expensive. So, why not whip up your desserts and bring them as a gift instead?These desserts are so good that everyone will be asking for the recipes, whether you’re bringing an old flame or someone you just met at a professional dating service to your family reunion or party.

These desserts are the best not only because they bring good cheer, but they are also suitable for all types of gatherings especially at this time when everyone is still worried about coronavirus. But whether it’s a summer potluck with the family or a holiday outing with friends, you can prepare these desserts without worrying about social distancing or sharing. You can prepare them in single servings so everyone has their own piece like tamales for dessert and what to serve with tamales, keep reading to learn more desserts that served that suits your taste..

Red Velvet Cake Truffle

Red velvet cake truffles are your guilt-free take on the popular dessert. This dessert is a moist red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting formed into small cake balls, then dipped into different coatings, from crunchy candy to nuts – giving you a sweet and tangy dessert no one can resist.

Hot Chocolate Donuts

Make the holiday sweeter and warm with your family by transforming the classic hot chocolate drink into donuts. It’s an inspired dessert idea that both children and adults alike would surely love. Mix the typical donut ingredients, including yeast, milk, sugar, eggs, flour, alongside your favorite hot chocolate drink, then fry.

Banana Split Skewers

Banana split skewers, where you place fresh fruit chunks dipped in melted chocolate and topped off with chopped nuts on sticks, are healthier alternatives to the classic ice cream parlor dessert. It creates the essence of the classic ice cream sundae minus the calories.

Frozen Lemonade Pies

Lemonade pies are a great way to cool off during hot summer days and only require three ingredients, making them the perfect treat to bring for beach outings and the like. These include pre-made graham cracker crust, sweetened condensed milk, and lemonade concentrate.

Brownie Bites

You can never go wrong with brownies, and what better way to make them more appealing than making them inherently smaller. You can use any brownie recipe for this dessert. All you need to do is replace your regular baking pan with mini muffin pans and spruce them up by topping them off with chocolate sauce or candy toppings.

Caramel Apples

Nobody can resist this classic fall favorite, but larger apples coated in caramel can be a bit too much for some – the solution? Smaller caramel apples. Scoop out balls from a full-sized apple, skewer it, dip the mini apples in caramel sauce, and top it off with melted chocolate and sprinkles or nuts. It brings a new twist to everyone’s favorite classic autumn dessert.

Lemon Creams

Lemon creams resemble soft and creamy lemon mousse, but in bite-sized pieces coated with chocolate. These are very small, super easy to make, and are stunningly delicious – leaving people to think you purchased these sweet treats in a fancy candy store. Its fillings only consist of lemon juice, butter, sugar, and marshmallow cream, allowing you to make lemon creams using your mixer in no time. Finish off by rolling them into balls, dunking them in chocolate sauce, then put them in your fridge until firm.

Whether you’re thinking of bringing a gift to a friend’s party or you’re hosting a get-together at home, the desserts mentioned are real crowd-pleasers and easily some of the best ones out there – making gathering sweeter and more memorable.


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