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The best fitness studios for those who love to travel

The best fitness studios for those who love to travel

Our pick of worldwide fitness studios for those who love to travel.

March 22nd, 2023

Traveling the world doesn’t have to get in the way of your fitness routine, and thanks to the worldwide locations of these studios you can even access your favourite classes around the globe.

F45 Training

Hailing from down under, F45 Training is an Australian concept that centres around a functional full-body workout that lasts for 45 minutes and is never the same - it’s varied, fun and fast! One of the most well-known global fitness communities out there, they specialise in high-intensity group workouts that are fun and guaranteed to give you results. With 1,800 studios across 45 countries, you’re bound to get in at least one F45 workout during your travels.


Barry’s Bootcamp

Step into the infamous Red Room for the workout of your life! Hailing from the big apple, this studio packs a punch, but we can guarantee you’ll want to keep going back for more. Known as the original HIIT workout, you’ll spend half your time on the treadmill and the other half on the floor with the weights doing strength training. Drop into one of the many studios located in 15 countries worldwide.



With over 14,000 locations across the globe, you’ll be hard done to not find yourself a CrossFit gym! Mixing weightlifting with cardio and gymnastics, expect a challenging workout that’s designed to get you in the fittest shape of your life. But don’t be nervous about dropping in somewhere new, the beauty of CrossFit is that it’s a true community, a place where you’re welcomed in with open arms, and each workout is scaleable meaning you can approach it on your terms.



Born in Sheffield, Trib3 has applied their Yorkshire roots into their ethos and put the community at the heart of everything they do. Take your pick from their signature Total Body workout where no muscle is left untouched, Upper Body + Core, or work your largest muscle group in Lower Body. With over 22 studios across 10 countries including Finland, Spain and the Netherlands, you can touch base with home wherever in the world you are.


Beth Windsor

Beth Windsor

Former flight attendant turned feature writer, Beth has travelled to over 74 countries and counting, but now resides in the genteel spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. When she's not hiking with her spaniel or testing out the latest fitness craze, she can be found living the high life across Yorkshire and beyond.