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The Best Food, Attractions, and Travel Tips for Jeddah

The Best Food, Attractions, and Travel Tips for Jeddah

October 24th, 2022

Jeddah is a Saudi Arabia city on the Red Sea coast. The population is over 3 million, and it has a fascinating history that includes being an important port for trade, tourism, and pilgrimage. The city features beautiful buildings constructed under various architectural styles. There are also museums and cultural centres that have exhibitions year-round, sharing the history of Jeddah with you. There are ancient monuments, archaeological sites, and modern structures that can be seen in Jeddah.

Best Activities in Jeddah

1. Attend a floating mosque to offer your prayers

There are mosques in Jeddah located on a floating dock for the convenience of Muslims who want to go to the mosque by water. The area around them is peaceful and beautiful, so it is an excellent location for prayers.

2. Discover some culture

There are many museums and art galleries in Jeddah that are worth visiting to discover the history, culture, and arts of Islam. You can see them watch historical plays and attend music concerts when possible.

3. Get ready to go shopping

Shopping is a popular activity in Jeddah, and there are many shops, malls, and markets where you can find hundreds of different kinds of local goods in many different price ranges. You can find everything from clothing to jewellery, and you can also find souvenirs for tourists to bring back home.

4. Check out a tour of the desert safari

Tours of the desert safari in Jeddah will lead you into the desert and show you how to be a camel driver yourself. You can work with the animals beneath you, learn how to manage a camel farm and even tend to some camels injured during an accident.

5. Visit exciting theme parks and circus shows

Many fun and exciting theme parks and circus performances are offered in Jeddah. There are rides, concerts, shows, and even shows for children. Some of the best ones are held in the historic city centre, and there is also a funfair where you can see various amusements for people of all ages.

6. Visit Saudi Arabia's first public aquarium

There is an aquarium in Jeddah open to everyone, so you can visit it and enjoy the exhibits. Many different kinds of fish are exhibited here, and turtles, sharks, and crocodiles can be seen in tropical waters.

Best Restaurants In Jeddah

1. Ful 21

Ful 21 is an ancient Arabic restaurant that serves authentic Arabic food to people all around the world. It has different kinds of soups, plates of pasta, and other culinary specialities that are popular in the Middle East. There are also many different kinds of appetisers, salads, and other dishes that you can order for an extra fee on a global menu.

2. Al Romansiah

Al Romansiah is a restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Arabic food dishes. The prices are affordable, and the service is amiable to make your experience comfortable. The decor is authentic, so you can feel like you are in a luxurious Arabian home when you dine here.

3. Khayal

Khayal is a popular restaurant where the management allows children inside, and they can enjoy eating, decorating the tables, and playing. The prices are pretty affordable, and you can even take home some of your food later at home.

4. Hashi Basha

Hashi Basha is a restaurant that serves traditional Arabic food, and you can order your meal to eat at home or take it away if you want. The service is quick, and the food is right in front of you so that you can see the difference between their famous dishes.

5. Twina

Twina is a restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Arabic food dishes. You can have a wonderful time with your family or friends here, and you should try their signature dishes, including a delightful drink called Mahalabiya.

Travel tips for Jeddah

1. Pack appropriate clothes

It would help if you packed clothes suitable for the weather in Jeddah, which is usually very hot and dry. You should dress conservatively when you go to religious centres and mosques, and it is also a good idea to bring comfortable shoes for walking on hot sand or pavement.

2. Pick sensible dates for your trip

You can avoid many problems when you pick sensible dates for your trip unrelated to any Islamic festivals or holidays. These celebrations can cause a lot of things to be closed down, such as restaurants, museums, and even public transportation.

3. Get the lowest prices on airlines that provide more rewards

We have created a virtual map of all the hotel chains in different cities of the world so you can easily find ideas to fit your budget. You can choose the best location for your trip, the kind of room you need, the features you want, the number of stars you can afford, and the kind of service standards you want.

4. Applying for a visa shouldn't be forgotten

You will need a visa to enter the country when you want to go to Saudi Arabia. We offer the best tips and advice to apply for your visa so that you will have a smooth entry into Saudi Arabia and your stay will be safe.

5. Honour the authority figures

When you visit Saudi Arabia, you should show respect to the authority figures in the country because they are a significant part of society and can help you find your way around.

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country with incredible coastal views, historic cities, ancient structures, and sandy beaches. FlyNas Booking helps you book your flight and find the best hotels in Jeddah so you can enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time. You can visit beautiful cities, breathtaking national parks, and fantastic tourist attractions, stay in exciting hotels, and enjoy excellent restaurants.

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