The best luxe toys, lotions & potions to play with this Valentines Day.

Whether you're Valentinesing solo or as a couple or more, these oils, lubes and toys could make this your best Feb 14th ever.

Gone are the days of neon pink rampant rabbits (although no shade if that’s your vibe, no pun intended). We are now living in the golden age of organic lubes, oils and sprays. Toys that can be mistaken for ornaments and crystal dildos that are pure works of art. 

Self care should be the number one priority on everyone’s agenda and what better form of self care is there than self or shared love. The mighty orgasm has been proven time and time again to aid mental health. With releases of dopamine (the happy hormone), oxytocin (the love hormone) and serotonin (the mood increaser) it is important now more than ever, that we cum together, or alone, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are doing it. Below is a round up of everything you need to help get you there in the classiest way possible.


Oils & Lubes.

Oils and lubes not only enhance your sexual play but can make it more comfortable which will lead to more pleasure for all parties. However, it is important to remember that anything you are using on or in intimate areas should be of the highest quality and chemical and paraben free. 


Set the scene with Lab Tonica Saucy Mood Mist, a sensual aromatherapy mist with ingredients such as jasmine, sandalwood, black pepper and rose. Spritz this libido boosting scent around your room or over your body and breathe in the heady aroma that is sure to get you in the mood. The scent is formulated to stimulate both physical and emotional desire and increase blood flow to extremities. This all-natural potion is indulgently musky with gentle florals. Light a candle (see below), give it a spritz and fall into the ultimate sensual experience. £15 50ml.

Get things warmed up with Coco De Mer. All the products they have to offer from toys to oils to lubricants are of the highest quality and exude luxury and decadence. 

To kick off your V Day extravaganza, or any other day for that matter, we suggest the Enraptured Figment Massage Oil followed by the massage candle of the same scent. Light the candle and relax in its heady aroma whilst your partner gives you the most delectable of massages. Switch from the oil to the candle by using the delicate serving spoon (included) to drizzle the warm, melted oil further enhancing the experience with a gentle heat. Not only do these products provide the ultimate foreplay duo but they also look beautiful on your nightstand.  Oil £35 200ml, candle £40


There is nothing worse than when you’re in the moment, reach for the lube and realise it’s hidden in a drawer somewhere because the ghastly, white plastic bottle complete with peeling sticker proved too hideous to look at. Cue Jomo, a bottle so beautiful it could easily be mistaken for a high end cosmetic. No fear of this looking ugly on a bedside table or your cleaner having to precariously dust around it, this product should have pride of place on any nightstand.

Jomo founders Liv Bentley and Bella Campbell believe “anything that supports our mental health and well-being should be celebrated and that sex and sexual arousal is one of the best self-care methods there is.” Jomo is a luxurious CBD infused sensual lubricant designed to enhance arousal and intimacy. It is made up of luxurious natural oils and of course CBD extract which can enhance stimulation through touch and promote relaxation.  


Keeping things in check is Nudco intimate oil, a plant-based, scent-free oil. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this stuff will not only be the perfect aid for intimate massage but also ensure your skin is left soothed and nourished. Suggested uses other than external massage are post intimacy to prevent dryness or itching and as an aftercare product post shaving. Note, this is not suitable for use with condoms. £15 50ml


Toys, toys, toys.

We are currently in a toy revolution. No longer shall we feel embarrassment about owning a dildo or two. On both sides of the coin, we have companies using innovative technology for app-based stimulation and makers getting back to nature with all natural dildos carved out of minerals and crystals. Whatever tickles your fancy, read on for the most exciting items on the market.

Satisfyer is one of the leading brands in the sexual health, wellness sector. Be warned, what you think will be a quick browse on their website could result in hours lost as you deep dive into a world of toys you never knew existed. They truly have something for everyone at varying price points. Our faves are the ‘Traveler’ because, ya know, if you’re reading this, you probably know we are all about travel. This toy is chic, portable and whisper quiet. With air pulse technology, this is guaranteed to make you weak at the knees. RRP £44.95

The ‘High Fashion’ does exactly what it says on the tin and more. Sleek brushed aluminum encases all the technology that we need to obtain the most intense of orgasms and looks really good while it does it. A soft silicone head that is placed over the clitoris mimics licking and sucking with 11 settings combing waves and vibrations. This is the toy that changes lives people. RRP £106.95

Chakrubs have been doing the rounds in the sexual wellness world for a while now. Hand carved from all natural crystals, the intention is to bring a bit of sacredness and ceremony to your playtime. Crystals are known for their perfect molecular structure and ability to have positive effects on our electro magnetic fields. Not only are these toys stunning to look at but founder Vanessa Cuccia claims they have the power to further enhance our sexual practice and unblock and potentially heal past trauma. The toys are compatible with lubes and warm to your body creating a truly magical experience.

The one we should all be lusting after, the Coco De Mer pleasure collection. Comprising of five toys, The Seed, The Dual Vibrator, The G Spot, The Remote Egg and The Wand to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Toys can be purchased separately to allow for a complete custom made experience dependent on individual preferences, or buy all of them and have the best night of your life. Each item is created with the utmost elegance in mind, ergonomically designed in the Coco de Mer colour pallete, all packaged in their own natural leather case – these items are the height of beauty and pleasure. Prices start from £135.


The Crave Vesper vibrator necklace is the perfect combination of stunning jewellery and a toy. A gorgeous drop necklace design that only the wearer, and perhaps the gifter know what it is really all about. Nestled under a neckline, this discreet item means arousal is on hand whenever needed. Perfect for your Valentines meal, and we don’t just mean to look at.  From £65.

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