If you find yourself waking up cranky and dissatisfied often, maybe it’s time for you to change your morning routine, and it would also be good to get some sleep. The best morning routines are the ones that get you energized fast and help you feel positive throughout the whole day. Can you imagine being restful and careless in the morning even if you haven’t had enough sleep and you know there’s a hard day ahead of you? We assure you that it’s possible, and here are some effective ways to achieve this goal.

Get out of bed as soon as you can

Snoozing away the whole morning isn’t going to help you much. Once the alarm wakes you up, stretching around the bed is only going to make you more tired, while what you need to do is wake up your mind and body. A good way to do so is by going through your daily to-dos as soon as the first alarm sounds off. Planning and thinking will activate your prefrontal cortex that will send impulses to the rest of the brain that it’s time to start the day. Also, if you sleep with your windows covered, lift those blinds up straight away to let the sunshine in and inform your biorhythm to start your daily functions. The next time you think “just five more minutes”, think of the time you waste by summing up those minutes at the end of each year. Congrats, you’ve lost more than a day of life to snoozing.

Start the day with some exercise

As soon as you get out of your bed, get a banana or a couple of oatmeal spoons and take a jog around the neighborhood. Exercise in the morning has shown to be highly linked with productivity and daily satisfaction. People who exercise in the morning tend to feel as if they get things done a lot easier, and that they are much more energized throughout the whole day. If you’re not a fan of cardio, don’t make this an excuse to skip the morning exercise session. You can do power lifts, yoga, Pilates, or a simple stroll down the park. You will see in just a couple of days how being physically active in the morning can make you more productive than those five minutes you would have spent in bed.

Energise with a quality cup of coffee

Coffee is good for you in many ways. It improves cardiovascular functioning, it helps you concentrate easier and raises your blood pressure to an optimal level. Most of the people that drink coffee use it to get energized, but you should be aware that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. You can easily get addicted to caffeine, so you need to be aware of how much of it you intake on a daily level. The amount of caffeine found in strong coffee can sometimes be enough to keep you energized throughout the whole day, which is why you needn’t take more than a single cup a day. Three to four cups are too much for most people, and they will possibly give you more problems than benefits. Furthermore, always make sure to choose quality coffee blends that come from experienced coffee producers in order to get the best experience coffee can bring to your morning routine.

Always make your bed

This might seem like a trivial task, but in the morning, as your body and mind just start to wake up, it can be a hard one. While you make your bed, your coordination starts improving and your mind becomes active in spatial planning. Your muscles stretch and twist, sending impulses to your brain that the body is awake. As soon as you make your bed, you won’t feel driven to get back in it, which is also a neat trick to stop yourself from procrastinating.

Another neat trick to have in mind is creating a ritual that will accompany your morning routine. This needn’t be anything complicated. A couple of yoga exercises with some mindfulness breathing techniques will do best, but you can also be creative and think of some personal way to make each morning more meaningful. The more you do so, the easier you will jump out of bed every day.


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