Agh, it’s your first Christmas, urm together , so what the hell do you buy him?

You don’t want to judge the situation wrongly and mess up your German Christmas Market date so pick one of the below gifts and even if you end up red faced and back tracking when he freaks out that he bought you a bratwurst and nothing more, you will have made a small business owner do a happy dance.

Tie, Beau Tie

Beau Tie was created in 2012 by Emma, 15 months after she graduated. Whilst studying Emma developed a strong love of fabrics and men’s style so it seemed apt to combine the two. Emma uses thoughtfully chosen fabrics, including reclaimed and vintage.

In 2014, Emma introduced a dog range as a sister business to Beau Tie, Dog & Beau!

Woof, woof if you can get matching ones for your man and his dog.

BackPack, Stubble & Co,

After years of searching for the perfect man bag – one that could be used for short business trips, going to the gym, commuting to work and making the most of weekend adventures – the founders of Stubble & Co couldn’t find one.

Invest in a bag for your man, you might find yourself stealing it at weekends for your own adventures…

Air Plant display, Bubble Source Craft

How lush are these handmade Air Plant displays by Agnes at Bubble Source Craft? From only £29 these handmade hexagonal reclaimed wood frame are treated with beeswax and oil for a rustic look. Agnes promises these plants are some of the easiest to care for…

Your version of a love fern?!


Living on the sunny Kent coast you'll find Anna tracking down the best new coffee shops and craft beer dens. With a penchant for vintage, she's more likely to be exploring thrift stores than Bond Street but she'll never say no to a little touch of creative luxury.

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