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If all else fails – or if you want to share the gift you choose with your intended recipient (maybe you don’t like them THAT much) – food is the platinum disc of Christmas gifts. As long as it’s independently made and you’ve checked their dietary preferences of the week.

Cheese triangles from Aldi (you know the ones that look like Laughing Cow but definitely aren’t) are not acceptable. Save those for your morning-after-the-christmas-do hangover and nab one of the below.

Gifts for The Foodie




Founders Susie and Kat grew up in Malaysia and, on moving to the UK, they really missed the taste of home. Freshly launched this month, you can snap up a jar of The Sambal, a super spicy chill sauce which works as a condiment and base for recipes.

Next year Makan Malaysia will be hosting supper clubs so maybe gift this jar to someone, get them hooked on the heat and then demand they take you to the supper club in the new year as 2019 is the year of the Spice?  Every boy and every girl, Spice Up Your Life!






Oh holy crap, would you look at that icing work. Mary would be delighted (yes, I’m old school).

Eve runs A Kind Mama and makes and posts vegan cakes all over the country. Yes! Cake by post! She’s unleashed her Christmas products online for pre-order and have a few special things in the workshop: a mixed treat box with baileys brownies, peanut brittle and truffles, all those yummies are available individually as well and Candy Cane Doughnuts (errr, yes!).

Everything made is 100% vegan, made by a badass GirlBoss and can be sent anywhere in the UK. Here is your good deed this Christmas. You are welcome. Please make a donation to my vegan cake fund as thanks.


Not what you are after?

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