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The C-Word: No Nonsense Gift Guides, The Pet Lover

I know, I know. It’s only mid-November.

I know, I know. It’s only mid-November. Well, I’m sorry, friends we’re going to talk Christmas.

We’re starting Christmas early here at #TeamCoco because…

  1. Why the hell not?
  2. I want some mulled wine, is that so wrong?
  3. We are pledging to #shopsmall this Christmas and you need to give all those independent makers and shakers some time to create those presents. They unfortunately don’t have the support of Santa’s Elves to magic things to you when you panic on 23rd December that you didn’t buy your Secret Santa and TKMaxx is out of mass produced tatt from China that your recipient will take to a charity shop at their earliest convenience in 2019. If they didn’t leave it while drunk in your office christmas party venue’s ladies loos, that is.

To help you to shop small, we’re compiling gift guides for all those annoying people in your lives who expect gifts.

We start with…The Pet Lover (it can’t just be me who think that sounds like a Tarot card, right?)

HoobyNoo : hoobynoo.co.uk

Us millennials aren’t into kids as much as those that came before us so we are substituting real life babies with fur babies. Which are way cuter(Have you checked out @TeamCocoPup on insta?) and you can leave them with a sitter happily when you want to jet off for some winter sun without being arrested for being a downright awful human.

This Christmas you can treat your best buddy’s pup, kitten or even horse (aside, how RICH is your best friend, do they even need a gift?!) to all manner of so-cute-I’m-going-to-die pet treats like personalised collar tags, name plaques or our favourite, a personalised gift bag from HoobyNoo signed off from ‘Mummy and Daddy’ from £23.

HoobyNoo are an adorable family-run business, based in Kent. There’s a photo of the team on their website (hoobynoo.co.uk) and I’d like you to give them all of your money.

Giftast: giftast.com

Does Fluffy have their own insta and are you sick of photos of them curled up on the sofa posing with their owners? Sorry, you aren’t going to beat them so why not join them with a lovingly crafted pet portrait from Katherine at Giftast.

Katherine works with alcohol markers, coloured pencils and ink pens to ‘create the perfect likeness of your beloved ball of fluff’. Prices start at £30 for an A6 (6x4in) piece.

Outside of humouring pet owners she has a gorgeous range of motivational, hand foiled postcards that say things like ‘I love your face’. Maybe a gift for your friend who wants a pet so bad, but big,bad landlord says no? Head to giftast.com to cheer them up.

Look out for the rest of our ‘The C-Word’ series coming soon and remember, friends, shop small. No-one needs Boots 3 for 2 sets of lotions and potions they will stock pile for years. Also, all that packaging?! As if!

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