The C-Word: No Nonsense Gift Guides: Won’t Somebody Please Think About The Children?

Some of you will love kids and enjoy trawling toyshops for the perfect gift for little Apple and Bear. [...]

Some of you will love kids and enjoy trawling toyshops for the perfect gift for little Apple and Bear. Others, myself included, don’t really understand children and can’t stand buying some safe-option, soul-less item from Amazon Prime. If you are a reformed Grinch who wants to be generous this Christmas, this gift guide is for you!


Gift Certificates, London Music Box

Gergana started London Music Box nearly 5 years ago when arriving in London with not much in her pockets. Always entrepreneurial, Gergana launched the business which now boasts a team of multicultural teachers who work with children and adults. London Music Box is inclusive and offers classes for students on the Autism Spectrum (ASD).

Gift vouchers start from as little as £10 and classes include all materials and flexible booking in a Central London location. You might end up launching the next little Elton John’s passion! Ask for royalties.



Not Just A Princess T Shirt,

We know you are fans of our Girl Bosses series here at House of Coco so share that feminist message with the young ladies in your life and encourage them to dream big! Entrepreneur and psychologist Jennifer Toll’s business Not Just A Princess has partnered with Inspiring Girls International charity on this range of t-shirts for aspirational young girls.  From each sale of a t-shirt 12.5% is donated to Inspiring Girls International. Gift a shirt and head to the social enterprise’s online hub which details job profiles and information that challenges gender career related clichés and ignite that little girl’s hustle!



Pins, Stickers and Notebooks,

Adeline is a French graphic designer living in Paris and she just has the CUTEST products. All under £10, they would make the ideal stocking filler. We particularly love the AstroWitch and BotanistWitch items which would play super nicely with the above t-shirt to inspire little girls (and guys!) to reach their dreams.

Adeline works full time at an agency, so November and May is her creative outlet, allowing her to translate her imagination into tangible objects. Adeline has a passion for witches and magic, but the new collection, which will arrive at the beginning of December, is all about plants. One for you and one for the little one you are supposed to be shopping for, okay?




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