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The Checklist: What You Should Consider Getting for Your Wedding

The Checklist: What You Should Consider Getting for Your Wedding

The Checklist: What You Should Consider Getting for Your Wedding

November 13th, 2022

Before the big day arrives, you have to put everything in order. Planning a wedding can be fun, so don’t let the disaster stories in movies tell you otherwise. Take it step by step, and everything will work out fort the big day.

A Venue

On the list of priorities that should be in the top three, great reception centers in Utah is #1. The biggest mistake a couple makes when deciding to get married is not having a venue in the playbook. Looking for a venue after the proposal could push your date as far back as a year. When marriage is on the table, even the idea of marriage, then there is nothing wrong with a casual trip to a venue. This type of forward planning will save you time, money and frustration. And this is all accomplished without ruining the actual surprise of a proposal. You aren’t required to book a date when visiting a venue, and the tour will give you a general idea of the facilities and upcoming opening dates.


Time is on your side when you plan a wedding correctly. Planning a wedding in 1 month has a completely different feeling than planning it out for an entire year. The less time you have to plan a wedding, the less likely you are to have a backup plan. With 1 month of planning, every mistake is critical. With 6 months or more, a mistake becomes a simple inconvenience. Choose your timeline wisely, even if it means moving the date to the next year.

Amazon Prime

This is one of those wedding secrets that many people are too proud to admit. The digital age is all about convenience, and an Amazon Prime membership is the most convenient wedding tool of them all. You can manage your gift registry, get discounted wedding items and get a detailed list of who purchased what and when. This comes into play after the wedding when you need to thank guests for the purchase. The days of missing guest information and tedious paper trails are long gone.To add onto this, consider getting a membership at a club like Costco or Sam’s. Their jewelry sections are underrated for both luxury rings and price. With Amazon Prime and a Club membership, the bulk of your wedding tools are good to go.

A Backup Dress

Everyone wants ‘the’ dress, and that is where all of the energy goes. But a backup dress is more than just an emergency option. It is a peace of mind purchase as it is not uncommon to have regrets after buying a dress. A backup dress has multiple uses, and can be a lifesaver when you least expect it. The bride is the star of the show, confidence in their dress choice makes all the difference in the world.

Take It Easy

Just like a relationship, you shouldn’t rush into a wedding day. Make sure that everything is in place before moving forward with your plans. This will be the biggest day of your life, and anything less than the best is unacceptable!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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