The #CocoGirl guide to dating apps

As much as we hate to admit it, here at House of Coco we’re all partial to an online flirt now and again. Whether it be a cheeky like of a profile picture or full blown internet dating sites, it’s now become the norm to find Mr Right via our iPhones. Our Coco Girl gives us her top tips on how to make it work online….


Group pictures are a recipe for disaster


From my experience, the guys who put group pictures on their dating profiles are usually the ugly friend. Very harsh, but also usually true! Yes gals it may make you look social and like you have some friends, but keep them to a minimum. You don’t want someone swiping right thinking you’re actually your best mate Lily who is a model, or swiping left thinking you’re not as pretty as you actually are.


Sex sells, but matches are quality over quantity


Yes a sexy selfie revealing all may rake in the likes and messages, but doesn’t necessarily give out the right impression. If you’re looking to seriously date and meet somebody you can see long term, do you really wanna give it all away before the first date? I’m all for femininity and females being liberated sexually, but guys are quick to judge, so think about what you’re trying to achieve.


Be straight up and upfront about your intentions


We’re all guilty of it, playing it cool until it’s too late and then our inner physco comes out demanding to know why he’s dating other girls. If you want something casual, don’t be afraid to say it. If you want a relationship, make sure you let him know. It irradiates so much upset In the long run and you don’t want the guy you think is besotted with you to also be messaging your mates. Awks.


Bios – sassy yet classy


Once I went on a male friends dating profile, to see the other side of the pond. I was shocked how many girls have very cheeky biographies. Bra sizes disclosed, egg plant emojis all over the place. Come on ladies. Keep a little something for your wedding night! Short and simple usually works or a clever little quote to show your personality.


“Jen – 21 – Foodstagrammer”


Never be afraid to make the first move


After talking to some guys I know, girls who message first sail right to the top of the list. #TeamCoco have always been advocates for girl power and self confidence….so just go for it! Worse thing that can happen is he never replies and then he never would of messaged you anyway.


Don’t be against bringing it into the real world


If you get on with somebody online, there’s a good chance you’ll hit it off in person. Yes of course he may be better looking in pictures and yeah he could be a total bore. But what really is the point in typing away all day and never meeting up? Dates can literally be so much fun and you never know, you may just have the best night of your life. Or if there’s not an instant attraction, you may just gain a new mate. However, always make sure that the first time you meet someone offline it’s in a public place, you don’t get too drunk and you ALWAYS tell a friend where you’re going. Some people are weird, so just keep that in mind gals.”




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