Homeowners renovate their bathrooms to update older styles that reduce property values. The bathroom and kitchen are prime areas where buyers assess the property and determine if it is the right home for them. When completing updates, homeowners will replace medicine cabinets and give the room a more modern and contemporary style.

When styling a medicine cabinet, the primary focus is convenience and function. The older medicine cabinets are not the right fit for all homeowners and won’t provide them with adequate space for medications and everyday items. A new and modern choice gives them plenty of space and more aesthetic value.

Choose a Style That Accommodates Your Needs

A medicine cabinet doesn’t have to be the old standard and could come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It’s important to choose a medicine cabinet that meets the owner’s needs. If they have limited items to place in a medicine cabinet, they could use the small originals that are limited to two shelves with a mirrored door.

Today, more homeowners are choosing styles that meet their needs in terms of space, height, and access. Homeowners who are ready to find a functional medicine cabinet start by contacting a supplier now.

Consider How Often You Use Each Item

How often the homeowner uses the items in their medicine cabinet determines where to install it and whether the cabinet is used only for excess storage. Today’s medicine cabinets are designed with multiple shelves, and some are not installed above the vanity in the bathroom.

If the homeowner uses the items inside the cabinet each day, they need a cabinet that is large enough for all items and offers immediate access. The homeowner needs to access medications in a safe space that prevents others from gaining access. If they use the cabinet to store skin cream, they need the cabinet to be close by the sink.

What Height Is Easier For You To Reach?

When installing a new medicine cabinet, the homeowner must consider the height of everyone who uses it. The cabinet should be at a height that is convenient for everyone. If it is installed in a master bedroom, the couple must have shelves that are within their reach each day. This is where a longer cabinet installed to the side of the sink would be convenient. The shelves will be at different heights, and they can both reach everything needed for the day.

How Many Shelves Do You Really Need?

When reviewing all the items in their existing medicine cabinet, the homeowner determines how many shelves they really need in the new cabinet. If they want more items to the cabinet to better organize the bathroom, they need to add extra shelves to the design. They can also evaluate their existing bathroom design, and it’s easier to establish what fits or if they need more renovations in their bathroom.

In What Order Do You Use The Items In Your Medicine Cabinet?

Better organization for the medicine cabinet makes getting ready in the morning far easier and more convenient. If you’re looking for a stylish way to organize your medication, consider adding a sleek metal pill box to your medicine cabinet collection. Some homeowners want a medicine cabinet with a revolving shelf like a lazy susan, and this could be convenient for someone who has to take multiple medications every morning. However, it could cause some difficulties if they spin the shelves a little too hard.

When setting up a stationary medicine cabinet without revolving features, the homeowner can set up items in order of their use. They can set up skincare, medications, and other items they need every day in order of importance.

If there are items they don’t use every day, these items could be placed on a higher shelf out of the way of the everyday items. The cabinet should have the depth and width to accommodate these items without them flying out off the shelf when the owner opens the door.

Do You Need Drawers for Backstock?

Some homeowners choose medicine cabinets with built-in drawers for extra items. The drawers offer a hidden space to keep additional necessary items and have them in a convenient location. They can get a medicine cabinet with drawers built-in behind the door or connected to the bottom of the cabinet. The homeowner’s style preferences dictate which option is best suited for their bathroom design.

Balance the Aesthetics of the Living Space

A balance of the aesthetics of the living space is also important when installing and styling a medicine cabinet. Most traditional medicine cabinets do not increase the aesthetics of the room. Some actually make the room look outdated and unattractive. A more modern bathroom style should have a contemporary medicine cabinet that matches the overall theme for the room.

Do You Need Lights in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Many newer, modern medicine cabinets have lights inside the cabinets that come on when the door is opened. This makes it easier to see inside the cabinet without turning on the bathroom lights. The lights can be any color or any wattage to meet the homeowner’s preferences.

The designs could provide lights with a switch out to the side of the cabinet or connected to the bathroom lights. The homeowner’s preferences determine which option is more convenient and won’t overwhelm the space or blind them when opening the cabinet late at night. The right style helps individuals who have vision problems see everything inside the cabinet at any time.

Homeowners update vital features of their bathroom to improve its function and make the room more aesthetically pleasing. Older medicine cabinets are too small for everyday items and aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as modern styles. Homeowners may want to use a concept that is outside the box and adds something new and interesting to their bathroom design.

When choosing the right style, the owner must consider the total number of shelves or drawers they need. The size and height of the cabinet could also play a role in adding more convenience and style to the living space. By reviewing all the current designs, homeowners can style their cabinets and bathrooms according to their needs.


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