Obtaining a vinyl floor has been on the rise in recent years, especially since they continue to be both affordable and beautiful for the eye at the same time.

However, this adds to the responsibility of maintaining them to the best of your efforts.

To help you with that, we present the dos and don’ts of vinyl floor cleaning, aiding you in maintaining your vinyl floors, instead of practicing irregular cleaning habits on the new floor you’re looking to install.

In this guide, we’ll explain in depth what vinyl is, and why you should choose it.

Then we’ll get down to the point, explaining the best practices in our dos and don’ts of vinyl floor cleaning.

But before we dive deep into the guide, here are the best vacuums for vinyl floors to help you cut through much of the hassle, created in cooperation with CleanersAdvisor.

What is Vinyl

We believe that it’s best if you get to know vinyl firsthand before you obtain it for your floors.

It was in the early 1900s when they invented vinyl, as it’s not the kind of material you can find in nature.

However, it’s made from 2 substances you can find in nature (ethylene and chlorine).

They are combined altogether to form vinyl. Nowadays, there are 3 types of vinyl flooring: Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Sheet, and Vinyl Plank.

Why Customers Choose Vinyl Floor

As we said in the introduction, vinyl floors are beautiful and affordable for people with tight budgets.

Moreover, they can remain strong when facing regular traffic inside the house, so they suit rooms that are on the receiving end of such traffic.

Learn how to properly clean your vinyl plank floors and prevent damage.

Dos of Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Learning how to properly clean your vinyl floor can help maintain it in the long run. Here are the best practices you should regularly carry on your vinyl floor:

a. Sweep/Vacuum the Floor Regularly

Regularly sweeping or vacuuming your vinyl floor will help get rid of easy debris.

However, leaving such debris on the ground for longer periods will create harder challenges when it comes to keeping the floor clean, as it’ll stick to the floor and become harder to deal with.

b. Immediately Attend to Spills

Similar to the reasoning behind why you should regularly sweep or vacuum the vinyl floor, you should also attend to stains and spills immediately.

Get a soft cloth and deal with spills as soon as you spot them, the longer you wait, the higher the probability it’ll damage the vinyl.

c. Use Soft Solutions of Vinegar

You should always deal with harder stains/spots using white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

White vinegar helps you disinfect the affected areas, while apple cider vinegar works efficiently as well.

Mix any of those vinegar types with hot water, and mop your floor regularly.

Some would advise adding a dishwasher to the mixture, but we advise using vinegar for better results.

d. Protect the Floor instead of Fixing Its Problems

If you’re not a fan of constant cleaning on regular basis, protecting the floor against any type of spills or debris would also work magic.

Protect the floor by covering it with larger-sized area rugs, then you’ll only need to deal with the aforementioned problems on the rugs instead of the vinyl floor.

Don’ts of Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Sustaining the least damage possible can prolong the expected life of your vinyl floor, those are the most famous Don’ts you should certainly avoid:

a. Avoid Using Abrasive Detergents.b. Avoid Using Ammonia-Based Solutions.c. Avoid Using Solvent-Based Polishing Materials.d. Never-Ever Use Abrasive Scrubbing Equipment.e. Avoid Using Rolling Casters.f. Remove the Beater Bars From Your Vacuum.g. Don’t Saturate Your Vinyl Floor with Water.

What Would Happen If We Deal Carelessly with the Don’ts?

Expect some (or each one) of those downsides to occur if you deal carelessly with your vinyl floor:

a. Damage The Floor.b. Create Sticky Areas All Over The Floor.c. Significantly Decrease Its Expected Lifetime.d. Create Product Buildup.e. Dull The Vinyl’s Shine.


Having professionals share their experiences with you to help you avoid the disastrous outcomes of dealing carelessly with vinyl floors is bliss, and we’re happy to provide you with such aid.

If you’re looking for one fine robot vacuum cleaner that works great on vinyl floor, you can check our guide to the Coredy R750 as well.

Don’t forget to check the list we prepared for you in the introduction of this guide, as it’ll help you find the most suitable machine for your vinyl floor, in addition to saving you much-needed money, time, and effort.


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