The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive disruption for the health and fitness industry. Government restrictions, gym closures, job losses, and the fear amongst the public of getting infected with the virus have all contributed to the disruption of the industry. Only those companies that have been able to adapt and evolve during these challenging times have survived.

One of the leading nutritional products companies in the world, Herbalife Nutrition, has been able to successfully use virtual platforms and other innovative methods to not only survive but grow during the pandemic. Apart from an extensive range of award-winning nutritional products, Herbalife also offers Herbalife Nutrition Clubs where customers can get healthy nutrition, group exercises, and community support.

What Is a Herbalife Nutrition Club?

The concept of the Herbalife Nutrition Club started in 2004 when the first club opened in Mexico. The owners recognized the lack of community support and affordable nutrition or fitness facilities in the region. From that first club to over 75,000 clubs worldwide, Herbalife Nutrition Clubs have been immensely successful.

At Herbalife Nutrition Clubs, customers can buy individual servings of nutritional products and enroll in fitness classes for a small fee. One big reason for the success is the social support provided by these clubs. Several studies have highlighted the benefits of working out in a group or receiving support, guidance, and encouragement from the community.

Growth of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs in 2021

The Los Angeles-based Herbalife Nutrition reported 15% year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2021. The Herbalife Nutrition Club category also saw remarkable growth during 2021. More than 2000 new Herbalife Nutrition Clubs opened in the US market, taking the total tally to 11,000 clubs in the country. As the pandemic continues to ease in the US, more clubs are expected to join the network.

The year 2021 has been extremely challenging for India, which suffered a massive surge in COVID-19 during this time. By implementing several types of digital strategies, independent distributors were able to continue supporting their customers and encouraging their communities. Overall, Herbalife India grew 93% year-on-year second quarter. One of the digital strategies used in India included the introduction of a virtual nutrition club, where customers could work out in a group using virtual platforms. As the Herbalife Nutrition Clubs went online, they offered customers a platform to stay connected. Social support was helpful for people going through some scary times in isolation.

New Clubs Opening During the Pandemic

In the United States, several new Herbalife Nutrition Clubs opened during the pandemic. One of these clubs in Eau Claire, WI, opened in the middle of the pandemic. The owner was confident in the value offered by Herbalife products and wanted to provide healthier options to the Eau Claire community. The club’s first birthday is around the corner, with the owner looking forward to continuing to grow the business.

In Huntsville, TX, a new Herbalife Club opened last year during the pandemic. This club strictly uses Herbalife Nutrition products in all its menu items. It also offers education and coaching sessions for health and fitness-related topics. The young owner of this Herbalife Club was inspired to launch this club to provide the local community with a place where people feel comfortable seeking support and guidance regardless of their fitness levels.

The growth and expansion of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs have been encouraging. Whether the pandemic continues to ease around the globe or takes a more challenging turn, Herbalife Nutrition will continue to support its customers through virtual, in-person, or hybrid models.


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