Can’t stop scrolling over those Instagram pictures where girls flaunt their long and thick eyelashes? Well, the feeling’s mutual! Long, voluminous, and perfect eyelashes are the best way to enhance your eyes and draw all the attention towards them. But the bigger question is how do you achieve the same? Eyelash stylists can help you achieve this look but not until they get their hands on the best eyelash tweezers and other lash products. For a decade, Noble Lashes have been offering the best assistance to eyelash stylists. Boasting a handful of eyelash products, eyelash stylists can find anything and everything related to eyelash extensions in this pretty little store.

Must-Have Products For Every Eyelash Stylist

Clients can come to you with different needs and make them happy, you must be prepared to fulfill every demand they make.

L Lashes

The L Lashes palette possesses a Hollywood vibe and gives off a dramatic effect due to its close resemblance to the letter L. It produces an anticlimactic look on curly eyelashes. L Lashes are lightweight and also facilitate a smooth texture and subtle shine. Choose an L Lashes palette that consists of different types of lashes with different curvatures and lifts to help you give your clients their desired look effectively.

Lash Filling

The lash filling is a luxurious product that can be applied to clients after eyelash treatments. It offers intense nourishment to the natural eyelashes by regenerating, lifetime, and increasing their volume. The added plant collagen restores the hair structure and reduces damage. This increases the efficiency of your treatments.

Russian Volume Premium

Russian Volume Premium facilitates a comfortable and easy application for stylists. Designed using an innovative glue formula and Clean Peel technology, the eyelashes can be grabbed from the palette easily. Because the strips are white, it becomes easier to separate the lashes. These lashes are also non-biodegradable thereby being environment friendly. The palette boasts numerous curl types with different levels of thickness and volume making it fully customisable.

Lash Glue

Using lash glue that can bond the eyelashes properly is crucial. The lash glue available at Noble Lashes are highly affordable and enhance the glamor of the eyelash extensions. It gives an added shine to the extensions. You can also choose hypoallergenic eyelash glues for clients who have sensitive skin and allergies. The lash glue offers good consistency, setting times, strength, capacity, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Buy The Best Lashes Products Online

Various online stores offer a diverse range of lashes products. As a beauty stylist, you must prepare yourself for every client’s needs and demands by investing in all the handy eyelashes products. Choose a store that specializes in supplying the best and high-quality cosmetic products that are easily affordable. Ensure that they have been around for a decade and are reliable.

At Noble Lashes, you can find all-things-eyelashes that will help you enjoy the ease of application and also give efficient eyelash treatments to your clients. Shop from a wide range of delicate and lightweight lashes and become your client’s favorite eyelash stylist.


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