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The Fascinating Ang Thong National Park Tour

Thailand has some of the finest tourist destinations and it attracts tourists not only from within the country but also from across the world.

Thailand has some of the finest tourist destinations and it attracts tourists not only from within the country but also from across the world. The famous Ang Thong National Park is one such destination and it certainly is paradise on earth. It is a national park that is situated in the Gulf of Thailand in the Surat Thani Province. It is made up of 42 islands and has a total area of 102 square kilometers. 50% of the park is water and the rest 50% of land. The park, which was established on November 12, 1980 attracts tourists from across the world because of it majestic beauty and various other wonderful things it has to offer to those who love marine life and would like to live close to the nature. The northern tip by the name Ko Phaluai is also a part of this famous marine park. It also offers quite a few other things including a ranger station, a shop, bungalow and a neat and small restaurant situated bang on the famous Ao Phi Beach situated on Ko Wua Talap. Ang Thong actually stands for bowl of gold and it well and truly is a golden experience that will remain etched in one’s memory for decades. A visit to the website www.boutiqueyachting.com/ang-thong-tour/ will certainly give you some idea about the wonderful things which it has to offer to its customers.

Get Into Some Serious Exploration

Everything is arranged by the organizers and therefore you just have to sit back and enjoy the whole thing. Once a tourist arrives at Ang Thong Marine Park, you could start off with a dazzling and amazing display in the azure water. This will make you rejuvenated and you will be ready to spend some time discovering the various beautiful things. You will have quite a few other things to also do and you will have the opportunity of climb the heights and reach the topmost areas. Once you reach there, you will have a chance to have a majestic view of the entire landscape in front of you. You will be able to see amongst other things, the fantastic Emerald Lake which certainly stands out because of it glassy green surface. The vegetation surrounding it and the overall atmosphere and serenity is something that you will just not be able to forget even decades after you have come back.

Once you are through with this, you can enjoy lunch at the famous Boutique Yachting. This is a buffet type of lunch and you can enjoy some of the choicest local delicacies. You can enjoy the best of food relaxing and having a view of the majestic beauty which are before you and they run into dozens of kilometers. The Boutique Yachting is a yacht and therefore, as you sit on the deck and enjoy your lunch, you will some of the best experience you might have ever thought of.

The Full Day Tour Of Ang Thong

Once you are through with the lunch, you can move to Wua Talap. This is a remote and peaceful beach and is ideal for sunbath or for the purpose of taking a dip in the crystal clear, pure and beautiful water. You also could enjoy the wonderful speedboat ride which is a part of the yacht expedition. You can either stay in boat or could get down in the water and enjoy the beautiful environment and experience should you so desire.

The Final Word

In fine, there is no doubt that the experience of visiting Ang Thong National Park will be amazing, unique and extremely fulfilling. It certainly will be a break from the mundane life which we experience in urban surroundings as we move around here and there in search of our bread and butter.