The Fashion Girl Guide to Holiday Packing

Here at House of Coco we know that holiday packing is tough! When the time comes there are so many decisions to make on what to put on the travel checklist that it can become overwhelming. You may ask yourself, ‘how many bikinis should I pack?’ or ‘Are my shoes going to take up too much space in my suitcase?’ the key is to know what you’re going to wear in advance. Fashion Girls understand that an effective and efficient holiday wardrobe must include pieces that are versatile and capable of being worn more than once. You should be looking forward to relaxing in the sun, packing shouldn’t be a worrying, time-consuming task, but it can easily become so that’s why we have complied a checklist to help guide you.

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The Fashion Girl Guide to Holiday Packing List

2-3 Swimwear options

An essential for summer holidays. You will need two types; we recommend 2 bikinis for sunbathing (one plain bikini and another with a fun print), and 1 one-piece if you fancy a swim. The good thing about one-pieces is you can also wear them casually as a bodysuit under a floaty skirt or trouser.


Delphine Fiore Giallo Bikini by Trangl

Delphine Fiore Giallo Bikini by Trangl

Gold Chain Strap Swimsuit by Topshop

Gold Chain Strap Swimsuit by Topshop


Accessories don’t tend to be a huge deal on our getaways, with the heat they can become irritating against our skin, so we recommend keeping it minimal. Earrings are great because you can wear big statement earrings to dress up a plain outfit (recommended for the evening) or a pair of classic everyday studs.

4 Pairs of Shoes

You may be thinking ‘what do I need trainers for?’ well, if you’re somebody who is always up for some sightseeing, sandals may not be the most comfortable choice of footwear. A classic pair of white Converse or Vans will do the trick. Just don’t forget to pack socks too.

2 Pairs of sandals will do too; a classic tan coloured comfy sandal can be worn daily and a pair of flip-flops or slip-ons for the beach or pool, we like the classic Adidas or Rihanna’s new range by Puma.

A pair of heels are optional. For a night out you may want to wear heels or you could opt for one of your other footwear choices for a more comfortable night.


Rihanna Fenty Fur Slippers by Puma

1 Jeans

Only to be worn on the journey there and back. But if on your holiday you experience a slightly cooler day, these may come in handy. Opt for a jean that is lightweight and possibly cropped.

1 Jumper

Again only to be worn on the flight but on a cool night you can wear it to a restaurant.

A Light Jacket

Bombers! House of Coco absolutely adores the bomber jacket trend this summer. Zara has a great selection of these. They can be worn in the cooler evenings, but if bombers aren’t your thing a denim jacket works too.

Printed Bomber Jacket 39.95 (2)

Printed Bomber Jacket by Zara

2 Going Out Tops

This is where Fashion Girls can show of their creativity! Save these for when you want to vamp up your outfit. A good choice is one off-shoulder top and one crop top (plain or patterned, the choice is yours).

2 T-Shirts

You will need a couple of T-shirts, stick to 2 colours in neutral tones. We suggest a plain white plus a striped navy/white or grey. You can wear these with almost everything. We like them under a slip dress for the layered trend.


Basic Organic Cotton T-Shirt by Zara

 1 Shorts

Any pair of shorts is a good option, however we recommend something in a neutral tone (unless its denim) that is lightweight such as satin or linen.

A Slip Dress

A  Slip Dress is your ultimate multi-tasker! A cover-up? Check. Night out dress? Check. Day dress? Check.  Seriously a must have! You could also wear a plain T-shirt underneath for the layered look we love.


Racquel Silk-Charmeuse Maxi Dress by Equipment

A Floaty Skirt or Trouser

A Maxi Skirt or Culottes will do here. The beauty is that they can be dressed up and down and mix and matched. When packing these make sure you roll them as they crease easily.

9929029800_6_1_1 (2)

Culottes by Zara

Finally A Scarf. It doesn’t matter where you’re travelling to, one thing is certain, the plane always gets cold. You’ll want something to wrap up in when the cool air starts to kick in a chill, so it’s best to take a scarf for the journey.

What’s your must have item for your holiday wardrobe? Let us know in the comments…

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