The Future of Luxury Yachts Has Arrived

PASSIONATE about stunning individuality, unsurpassed speed and performance, new and ultra-modern British luxury manufacturer Glider Yachts is about to redefine super yacht engineering and the whole of #TeamCoco are pretty excited about this, myself included.

Gliders can travel in comfort, faster, further, and in worse sea states than conventional superyachts and, for Glider’s elite clientele this means they are able to enjoy more destinations, seek out the best weather, avoid being trapped in port due to the sea-state, and be able to do all of this in sublime luxury, comfort and style.

Glider is at the forefront of technology and development and uses cutting edge techniques more akin to Formula 1 and private jets. This allows Gliders to pierce straight through waves and glide over them rather than slam from wave to wave like conventional sports yachts.


Developed, tested and assessed with significant investment and cutting-edge technologies over a seven-year period, Glider Yachts’ unique approach has been fully validated by several of the worlds’ leading naval architects and designers.

Aimed at ultra high net worth individuals who demand the best of the best, Glider Yachts have exquisite finishes and high power for a hither to unmatched ride through their design driven innovation.

Every Glider Yacht is a bespoke handcrafted masterpiece and as unique as a fingerprint – perfect for the privileged owners to create something truly personal to them without any compromise.

The London based company is headed up by Chairman Nick Buckland, OBE and engineer and lifelong sailor Managing Director, Robert McCall. Glider Yachts recently signed a £100 Million deal with globally renowned marine engineers Burgess Marine, and has just announced the build of its debut model the SS18 (Super Sports 18).

Set to be the most luxurious high performance sports boat in the world, the Glider SS18 exemplifies a quintessentially British style with design, which dares to be different. Understated “less is more” and timeless styling combine to deliver a yacht of incredible presence.

A revolution for the yacht world is the highly advanced SCS (Stability Control System) – never before has a superyacht tuned to sea conditions so that passengers can ‘glide’ over waves whilst cruising at speeds of up to 70mph.

Glider Yachts' Debut Luxury Yacht - SS18

The prototype to the SS18 is being purpose-built to showcase the technological capabilities that define Glider Yachts’ three ranges and the first will be launched at Monaco in September 2015.

Robert McCall, Chief Designer Managing Director of Glider Yachts, comments: “Glider Yachts is bringing a new dimension in high speed luxury to the superyacht world.

“Seven years in the making, our SS18 opens up unprecedented cruising opportunities making a range of destinations within easy reach – a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi could be done in just over 40 minutes and Monaco to Saint Tropez can be reached in under 50 minutes.

“The SS18 is truly be a game changer. With its unparalleled technology and design, it will allow an incredibly exhilarating experience at high speeds. You can travel to your destination without spilling a drop of champagne.

“The shallow draft of the boat means that you can access out of reach bays and beach landings meaning you will be sure to turn heads when you get to shore.

Every Glider is a master piece created without compromise for our elite clientele.  Our passion for individuality and world leading engineering, design and quality sets us apart.”

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