The Gentlemen’s Guide To Wedding Attire

There is always that one person that breaks the rules and wears white to a wedding (trust us, we’ve seen at least one at every wedding we’ve been to.)  For a man, it’s a minefield.

Do you ever ask you what you should wear as a guest? With the various wedding styles today, different rules may apply depending on the invite you receive.

If you are wondering what the appropriate attire would be for black tie or formal, beach or outdoor formal, casual, or dressy casual wedding, look no further.

With the help of fashion and wedding experts, classic menswear designer Paul Fredrick has created an infographic sharing wedding guest attire for males depending on the invite they’ve received.

We don’t know about you, but we think this will help massively when trying to man-oeuvre (ahem, get it?) the male wedding attire jungle.




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